Contributing Organizations

In addition to the many Contributing Experts that we reach out to for advice on our blog, we also find useful resources on many national organization and institution websites. 

Here are some of the entities we have referenced on our blog:

National Institute on Aging 

NIA, one of the 27 Institutes and Centers of NIH, leads a broad scientific effort to understand the nature of aging and to extend the healthy, active years of life. NIA is the primary Federal agency supporting and conducting Alzheimer's disease research.

National Institutes of Health 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the nation’s medical research agency — making important discoveries that improve health and save lives.

Medical News Today

Medical News Today, part of Healthline Media UK, is one of the fastest growing health information sites in the United States. Every month, more than 70 million people come to Medical News Today for our in-depth health content and the latest news in medical research. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

As the nation's health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.

A government website where you will find information and tools to help you and those you care about stay healthy.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation →

The mission of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world's most promising breast cancer research.

CareClinic App →

We Simplify Preventative and Proactive Care Management. Track everything together. Understand your behaviour better. 

Alliance for Aging Research→

The Alliance for Aging Research is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the pace of scientific discoveries and their application to vastly improve the universal human experience of aging and health.