When Awareness, Prevention And Testing Can Save Your Life!

On April 14, 2019, we published an article for STD/STI awareness month. Another year has marched forward, and so have the rising numbers of cases of sexually transmitted diseases. 

This may be the best opportunity to reach many of our young people PRIOR to resuming risky sexual behavior.

We have all been hearing that our youth are itching to be back with their friends in their social gatherings because they do not believe that this virus will affect them. Unfortunately, many are learning the hard way what a contagious disease can do.


While a lot of STD’s/STI’s do not have active symptoms, you can have an STD without symptoms and still spread through vaginal, oral and anal sex.  High risk behavior such as not using condoms for young people and gay and bisexual men is a major contributing factor to the staggering growth statistics. Another contributing factor in the explosion of cases is partially due to the opioid crisis, where high risk sexual behavior is frequently occurring, and symptoms going without treatment for long periods of time. GET TESTED!

Did you know that there is a growing and alarming number of pregnancies culminating in infant deaths due to a rise in syphilis? I cannot imagine the guilt and horror associated with the loss of a child from these circumstances 

Left untreated and untested, not only do you risk long term and permanent repercussions, you may contract an STD that could result in your own death or, required treatment for the rest of your life. 

Do you even know the various types of sexually transmitted diseases? You cannot prevent something you are uninformed about!

If you are between 15 and 24 years of age, you are at the most risk for contracting and spreading sexually transmitted diseases.  

Learning from the past such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic can help you understand and respond in an appropriate manner with ANY and all future sexual encounters. IN A SAFE WAY!

We all want to resume our everyday lives.  And we will hopefully do so sooner rather than later. That is out of our control. Now is the time to exert your own self-control and learn how to correct any mistakes your were making sexually prior to this worldwide reset!

If you were participating in a risky lifestyle prior to Covid-19, we urge you to consider the ramifications of such behavior and hopefully, Inform and Arm yourself with the education needed to avoid what can be deadly consequences. 

Not all sexually active people are adults and as such, we should be educating our children about the importance of getting routinely tested for sexually transmitted diseases. 

Recently, I was contacted by STDTesting.org.std-testing

As a blogger and particularly, one that makes an attempt to broaden awareness for a multitude of health conditions, I have the utmost respect for organizations that devote the amount of time, attention, research and advocacy to help empower people with information for a safe and healthy sex life.

I was humbled when STDTesting.org reached out to me, asking that I share them as one of my resources. We have agreed to a joint collaboration to give you access to this critical information.  Because we are so impressed with this dedicated group, we have added them to our experts corner and, to our contributing organizations tab. 

This is the link for their comprehensive guide to STD testing: https://www.stdtesting.org/std-testing/

They have covered in-depth everything you should know about STD symptoms and testing. They further provide several other resources that they have collaborated with to increase awareness for your benefit as well. Their assistance is invaluable with helping to connect you with available testing facilities at a reasonable cost.

According to my partner at STDTesting.org:

“Here at STDTesting.org we are helping stop the spread of STDs and HIV by educating individuals online about this crucial healthcare fight against sexually transmitted infections and diseases…….”.

The quote above is an excerpt from the informative letter I received from the Research Manager of STDTesting.org.  I urge you to familiarize yourself with this organization and the tremendous resource they are generously providing to us.  We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Talking about your sexual health with not only your partner but your physicians and family (for the minors), can be extremely embarrassing. To top it off, there is a stigma attached to having to admit that you had unprotected sex and might have developed a preventable and transmittable disease. As with any other disease, early detection and testing is critically important to surviving and living with these preventable diseases.condom

Another surprising fact we discovered in our research, is the escalation of STDs in our elderly retirement communities.  Because many of these people have underlying conditions, STDs can very often go undetected or misdiagnosed. Physicians are rarely concentrating on elderly sex habits while treating them for other serious conditions. 

You can help decrease or eliminate STDs by protecting yourself and others.  Some of the ways to do this are as follows:

  • abstinence
  • vaccination
  • mutual monogamy
  • proper condom use

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