What New Year's Resolutions?

You survived the holidays and decided to start the year off with a bang.  So you set unrealistic resolutions for yourself and now, in the middle of January, you are beating yourself up for not being perfect in following your resolutions.

stress-resolutionsAnd, add one ACHIEVABLE resolution to the top:We are always hardest on ourselves.  Did you happen to write down your resolutions? If so, pull your list out and review with a new perspective.

Start Each Day Reflecting

Make an effort to be more positive, instead of letting negativity put unnecessary pressure on you.  Reflection can give much-needed clarity and direction to guide you through your day. 

It is not necessary to accomplish your whole list in one day.  That can be too overwhelming with everything else you need to accomplish.

Choose one project at a time.  Give yourself a realistic timeline for completion of one item on your list and start working toward achieving your goal.

The sense of accomplishment you feel just knowing you are seeing the results of an implemented plan is positive reinforcement.  Not to mention, EXTREMELY gratifying.

Many people believe that tackling the hardest task first makes eliminating a TO DO list much easier to accomplish.

Get the hard stuff done first, and the rest is gravy.

A resolution can be anything.  There is no requirement to share your resolutions fulfilled or not, with anyone.  Resolution and changes are a personal decision. 

Whether it is something that you are adding to your routine or, taking something away that you want eliminated from your routine, be cognizant of your goal each and every day during your personal reflection time.

Remember, tomorrow has not been touched yet. We have 11 more months to accomplish our goals/resolutions.