Hopefully, you had an eventful and safe holiday on July 4th!

Carryover the excitement from the fireworks on the 4th to your relationship and bring back the spark and sizzle!

This is a perfect time for a MIDYEAR REBOOT

The efforts that you put forth will reap long term rewards.

The following tips should help you get back on track in your relationship AND in the bedroom:

Take an honest personal assessment, and see if you feel you have put forth the effort required to work on your resolutions and goals for the year.  If you believe you have not done so, then you can take steps to rectify that immediately.  It is never too late to work on your relationship.

If your resolutions went by the wayside, and your relationship is not really where you want it to be, go back to the basics.

Remember when you first met? Your first kiss? Your first intimate experience? Go back to that excitement you used to feel with some easy and PAINLESS hints to reignite the fireworks in your relationship.

Always show gratitude to your spouse. They need to hear they are appreciated for the things they do for you and your family. 

I visit Marriage.com very often.  Malini Bhatia is the founder of Marriage.com.  Ms. Bhatia blogs on a variety of subjects, but all are expertly crafted with the intent to help her subscribers maintain healthy relationships. 

In an article published by Marriage.com entitled “10 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Spouse”, Ms. Bhatia states:

“There are many ways to show your partner that they are indispensable in your life”. 

One of her 10 tips is to write notes to each other. 

“You do not have to be Shakespeare to dazzle your partner with signs of intimacy and appreciation”. 

We firmly believe that in a lot of situations, writing down our feelings as well as our wants and needs is necessary if you have a hard time vocalizing issues or having sexual discussions.  Depending on your age, you may have been raised during a time where sex or talking about it was taboo. 

We are only giving you one of her 10 tips in our article.  You have to visit her site to get the other 9 useful tips.

Here are a few of our own tips to get the sparks flying:

Remember that timing is everything!  A little planning by being a little naughty throughout the day will set the stage for a wonderful evening.

Fresh sheets, new candles, and a sleep outfit you know your partner loves shows your intentions, as well as your respect for your partner. 

Build the excitement with a little mystery.  Keep the details of your plan to yourself.  Just the anticipation will cause excitement for both of you. 

Hold hands.  Even that slight touching brings you closer to each other.

Kiss Often.  For no reason other than you want to be closer to your favorite person. 

Laugh at each other, but with kindness.  We always remember goofs and can laugh again together at our own imperfections. 

Try something new together that you have never done.  Start a wish jar and designate a special time to read them together.  Make it a game and grant a wish from the wish jar.

Always remember that marriages are a work in progress. If you follow some of our tips and are still struggling, There are amazing resources out there should you choose.

Ms Bhatia offers a marriage course that you may want to consider.

This is a terrific resource to help get your marriage back on track.

Many thanks to Marriage.com for working with us.