Vaxxers Vs. Anti-Vaxxers: What The Public Should Know

I believe that parents try to do what is best for their children and their well-being. However; when bad decisions cause harm to their children and to the rest of the community, it is time to re-evaluate the information they based their opinions on.

The decision to vaccinate your child has to be based on scientific facts and on the recommendations of your pediatrician. Numerous studies have not been able to show a correlation between the MMR vaccine (measles-mumps-rubella) and autism. 

Click here to view what the CDC says about Vaccine Safety. 

Vaccines are safe, preventing the spread of infectious diseases not just within or own country, but worldwide.  Obviously, certain geographic regions are more susceptible to infectious diseases than others. The CDC and WHO relentlessly work to implement vaccine programs around the world to improve herd immunity globally.

Eradication of diseases by vaccination has been proven.

Untold millions of lives have been saved as a result. As science and technology advances, vaccines evolve and improve with time.

In 2019, there have been numerous cases of measles reported in the United States. The re-occurrence of measles is being attributed to the large pocket of non-vaccinated children, causing a disruption to the herd immunity. The people who have worked continually to handle infectious diseases have to divert resources toward education of the public against the invalid information being put out there by the anti-vaxxers. 

In fact, this problem is so worrisome, that SB276 and SB714 were signed and enacted on January 01, 2020 by Governor Newsome of California. These bills are designed to control and eliminate some of the medical exemptions being given by multiple physicians across California. Several of these physicians even advertise this. The Medical Board of California is investigating multiple doctors for issuing bogus medical exemptions.

California Healthline reports that between January 1, 2019 and July 25, 2019, there were 1164 new measles cases reported across 30 states.  California has seen 62 new measles cases in 2019. 

Herd immunity is defined as:

“the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through vaccination.”

The anti-vaxxer movement was out in full force during the legislative process.

I was appalled to see this group wearing their yellow tags, comparing themselves to the Holocaust. 

There was backlash from both sides on social media for doing this. 

Since the recent outbreak of measles, the vaccination rate has appreciably gone up.

We have to remember the people in our surroundings that may be susceptible to illness or even death from being exposed to disease that their immune systems cannot fight. 

It is important to know that cancer patients may need to be revaccinated against diseases they were inoculated for when they were children. Your physician will determine the risks and benefits and make tailored recommendations.

Vaccines are not just for kids.

There are a specific group of vaccines for older adults. Your family physician will discuss your health history and his personal recommendations during your annual wellness examination. Remember, you have to not only protect yourself, but your family and community as well. 

The Alliance for Aging Research has a quick guide to vaccination for ADULTS AGES 60+.  They provide a Workshop Kit for community leaders hosting workshops for seniors and their caregivers on the basics of vaccination. 

College students should always check their immunization records for the meningitis b vaccine. Living in dorms and cramped quarters can spread Meningitis B.  A lot of people are unfamiliar with this disease.  Many of the symptoms mimic other illnesses such as the flu. 

I read a tragic story about two parents who lost their daughters to Meningitis B.  The article was published on

I have started seeing some of the sites and Facebook groups I visited while researching this article show up on my feed.

There is a vast amount of conflicting opinions and misinformation I have received since my first inference to an article regarding the EXPLOSIVE emotions evoked with the mere mention of this subject.

A final example: what could happen

In an article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, What Would Happen If We Stopped Vaccinations?

“……..we could soon find ourselves battling epidemics of diseases we thought we had conquered decades ago.

And here we are! A human coronavirus has been detected in the United States. Watch the news and the internet closely. Take a look at the progression graphs This virus has already mutated and is now able to transfer from human to human.  The CDC is working to contain this infectious disease and prevent it from turning into a global epidemic. 

Considering the return of measles and now, this deadly coronavirus, I would think that the non-vaccinators are on edge worried about their unimmunized families. I know that I am concerned about herd immunity in our area for a multitude of reasons. Too many friends and family are battling health issues that their compromised immune systems may not be able to fight against.

As hard as global agencies are working to contain this disease, there are a few complicating factors:

There is a history of non-reporting from certain other countries. No one wants to create a global panic. Epidemics affect all aspects of our lifestyle as well as our financial markets. 

Because of the timeline from exposure to active symptoms, other people are already exposed and many times, people do not report because of quarantine procedures, work, etc. This is particularly prevalent in impoverished countries.

We are going to continue to follow this coronavirus outbreak very closely. This is a very different virus, so there is no vaccine for this disease.

Wash your hands frequently. Pay attention to any feelings of prolonged cold symptoms or shortness or breath.  Be extra cautious if you frequently travel. 

The CDC has information on its website regarding this outbreak, as well as information about common human coronaviruses. This is showing itself to be not so common, with concern mounting worldwide.