Vaginal Plastic Surgery: Is There a Better Solution?

In our blog, we are posting informational articles from credible sources that present different attitudes and opinions in reference to vaginal laxity or “looseness,” vaginal cosmetic surgeries and the remedies that are available, both surgical and non-invasive.

Real Problems Need Real Answers

Because of the subject matter, there is simply not a tremendous amount of attention paid to these very real problems that exist in many relationships today.  We want to provide you as much information as possible so that you make an informed decision regarding your sexual health.

Our ONLY aim is to improve a lacking love life. 

No woman should experience diminished confidence or a loss of self-esteem due to awkward sexual moments. 

Hear From Another Source of Information on the Topic of Vaginal Plastic Surgery

If you have not visited, I would urge you to give it a try.  Her blog is informative, sensitive and very focused.  She packs a lot of quality into her blog.

CEOHealthyEve graciously gave us permission to link to her article entitled:

"Vaginal Plastic Surgery: The Facts and Fiction of Vaginal Rejuvenation"

After reviewing this article and you decide you want an alternative to invasive surgery and its possible side effects, please consider Le Snuggle.

Kegels versus Le Snuggle

While there is no question that Kegel exercises are effective in strengthening the pelvic floor, we are not a patient society.  The discipline required to perform exercises consistently is a challenge. 

Le Snuggle is a great option when Kegel Exercises are not enough.  True sexual fulfillment is attainable!

No one needs to simply accept a permanent loss of sensation due to vaginal laxity.

We all need and want a boost to our sex life here and there.  We should never stop trying to improve our intimacy level with our partner.  We want you to embrace this previously taboo subject. 

The simplicity of Le Snuggle solves a prevalent problem that affects couples of all ages.