Urgent Recall: CPAP, BIPAP And Ventilator Users

As our subscribers know, we feel a personal obligation to keep you informed of urgent and important information that may impact you or your families. This is one of these times. And this one has had an immediate impact on my immediate family that you need to be aware of.

In fact, I feel that this subject is so important that we have placed this article as a priority, in spite of our ongoing efforts for our two month sale and accompanying articles. 

Hopefully, this article will not only apprise you of this critical information, but also raise the same questions that not only do I have, but approximately 4 million other United States citizens as well.

Philips Respironics is an Amsterdam company that derives approximately 65% of their overall business from the United States selling their CPAP machines for sleep apnea, as well as ventilators and Bi-pap machines.

On June 14, 2021, Philips issues a massive recall for numerous units manufactured.

Amazingly, when we learned of this situation, we immediately went to the Philips website for complete information. What we found, was a huge explanation lamenting the fact that their stock prices have dropped dramatically as a result of this necessary recall.

Next, it explains what prompted the recall:

The sound abatement foam used in the CPAP machines degrades and the particles are ingested and quite possibly, carcinogenic. 

There is no information about what type of cancer nor, how many cases of cancer and/or complications from use of these machines occurred in order to prompt this massive recall. 

My biggest question is WHEN these issues were brought to the company’s attention and, how long where they aware of these problems before they were forced to issue this massive recall? 

My biggest issue with their lack of information, is how important our health is to their company. So much so, that they list that they will not be providing updated information for at least a few weeks. However; they advise to discontinue use immediately and contact our physicians for further instruction.

I have a couple of major issues with this lack of information. First and foremost, we completed a sleep study that determined the indisputable presence of sleep apnea which prompted the need for the CPAP unit. This unit has been used faithfully in my family for several years.

Why was it necessary for us to have to find out about this recall from the internet and a short blurb on the evening news?

We initially contacted the physician that performed the sleep study to receive no response. At the end of this week, this physician posted a notice stating that it was a personal choice as to whether or not we continue to use the CPAP machine. Really? Let’s see, it was obviously necessary for the last several years and makes a tremendous difference in my family member’s sleep pattern. To have to make the choice of stopping breathing numerous times in one night or, inhaling carcinogens does not seem to be an adequate response by a sleep specialist!

Further, I do not feel it was our obligation to have to chase down answers for ourselves. The sleep study physician should have issued a warning to his ENTIRE patient list that has received CPAP machines over his tenure as a specialist since he was the one that actually ordered the machine. Also, what about the responsibility of the DME suppliers that continuously contact us to purchase our CPAP supplies? What about the manufacturer? Philips states that eventually they are going to provide a method for us to enter our serial number and machine type and they will advise us of our next steps. I am all for free enterprise but this method seems somewhat skewed. 

By now, my subscribers have realized that I am deeply troubled by the lack of ethics involved in the handling of this situation. I also think about the 4 million people affected by this. Many of these people may not have access to the internet or up-to-date information. This will leave many people scrambling and confused.

Another surprise in this situation, is the fact that the FDA issued warning of the potential risks involved with the use of ultraviolet and ozone cleaning systems sold and used for cleaning CPAP machines and accessories. They have not issued any warnings or information regarding this massive recall. Interesting.

Click here to read the link about the cleaning supplies from the FDA.

After realizing that our sleep specialist was not overly concerned about our welfare, we reached out to our primary care physician who immediately answered our inquiry. He recommended to discontinue use. He did the same for his personal unit. 

Philips also published on their website that there will be an expected backlog in issuing new units. This too poses a problem. Anyone that truly has sleep apnea usually snores loudly and wakes themselves up choking throughout the night. This is further exacerbated by other underlying conditions. I wonder if anyone is tracking those people that are having to discontinue using their units, and not only are experiencing disruption in their sleep patterns, but possibly exacerbating their underlying conditions?

After writing this article and being left with more questions than answers, I found this enlightening video on You Tube that offers a logical and possibly strategic reason for the way this massive recall is being handled. The implication that Philips knew about these issues for years and possibly delayed their recall for monetary gain for a new unit that does not use the foam is simply UNCONSCIONABLE!

If this proves to be the case, I believe that a unified effort should be made to circumvent this company from profiting off of the misery of others. While they are tiptoeing around the complete details and hoping consumers are forgiving of their machinations, I fervently hope that a viable solution other than Philips will march to the forefront in manufacturing these lifesaving devices. 

Meanwhile, here is the link to this very interesting and informative video on You Tube. I urge you to subscribe to his site. The information he presents is everything we uncovered in our emergency research into this troubling situation.


All of us either use or know someone who uses these machines. Make a point to help protect your loved ones by informing them. Some may not have heard any of this and are simply continuing to use a machine that has become part of their normal lives. 

As always, all emails are answered by our team. If you have any questions or can offer any further information than what is presented here, please reach out to us. We will try to keep you updated as new information comes to light.