We are halfway through our LIMITED EDITION SNUGGLE SUMMER SALE and wanted to remind you of why this marital aid is such a game changer. 

We gathered a few of our favorite blogs that speak on issues related to vaginal health such as "looseness", surgery alternatives, dos and don'ts for marital aid devices, and more!

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Non-Surgical Solutions For “Loose” Vaginas

Tremendous amounts of information are available regarding surgical intervention for genital cosmetic surgery. However; there is very little data available that offers non-surgical solutions for “loose” vaginas. 

When doing your research, keep in mind that a lot of the data provided is sponsored by the cosmetic facility reaching out to you for your business.  Always do your homework before choosing a cosmetic surgeon/facility that suits your particular needs.

For our non-surgical solutions, click here.

Dear Le Snuggle: What Options Do I have Besides Surgery?

"Prior to discovering your blog or your product, my wife and I visited two separate facilities for the purpose of being evaluated for possible vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation, depending on which term you prefer to use.  

My wife and I have never utilized toys in our marriage.  We are happy that we have made forward progress in not only discussing our issues with each other, but with several professionals as well.

We have decided to try a variety of things before we move forward with any type of procedure."

See your options here.

Dear Le Snuggle: My Epic Fail

"Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my EPIC FAIL. Without getting into the details that still make me feel like the biggest heel in the world, would you kindly address any rules or guidelines to use when introducing a sex toy/marital aid into a relationship and what the differences between the two are??????"

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Dear Le Snuggle: Just A Quick Question

"After a lengthy conversation about previous childbirths, our ages, as well as both of our medical histories (I thought this appointment was for her!), her doctor explained that there are limited non-invasive options available for vaginal laxity.  Her physician recommended that not only should she start doing pelvic floor exercises, but that I should do do so as well.

My question is: What benefits will I derive from doing these exercises?"

See how we answered her question here.

Dear Le Snuggle: From Sex Drought to Dreamy Sex →

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my husband and I have not had sex. Frankly, we were both scared. Now, we have both been vaccinated, and it has been over fourteen days. We should be 95% safe but guess what? I am still scared. My husband has been counting the minutes to have sex, and I am less than enthusiastic for several reasons he does not understand. 

Your articles give me perspective, and give my husband ideas. I am motivated to want to try different things. I just need a little push to get over this hump and get back on track.

Also, a little reassurance that sex is safe would be helpful too!” 

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Vaginal Plastic Surgery: Is There A Better Solution?

Because of the subject matter, there is simply not a tremendous amount of attention paid to these very real problems that exist in many relationships today.  We want to provide you as much information as possible so that you make an informed decision regarding your sexual health.

Our ONLY aim is to improve a lacking love life. 

No woman should experience diminished confidence or a loss of self-esteem due to awkward sexual moments.

Read more about vaginal plastic surgery here.


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