Situational Awareness

It is very common in our busy society to overlook things going on around us.  Sometimes, this lack of attentiveness can cause us harm.

How many of you have thought that all of these terrible things we hear of daily happening to other people could never happen to you?


If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are at an increased risk for assault/violence.

  1. Do you stop at the mall or store for one quick thing because you are in a hurry, and walk by yourself after dark to your car? 
  1. When walking to your car, are your keys already in your hand to use as a weapon should you be attacked?
  1. Do you take advantage of time for a run when the opportunity presents itself, no matter the time of day or, prior to taking a run, do you consider running with a buddy? Do you even stop to think about the safety aspects of your immediate environment?
  1. Once inside your vehicle, do you automatically engage your locks or, do you wait until you start the vehicle and place into gear for the auto locks to engage?
  1. How often do you do activities with headphones in, making you even more oblivious to your surroundings?
  1. Do you stay on your phone while rushing to your car ignoring everything else or, prior to walking to your vehicle do you stop and look around the parking lot before proceeding?

It is so easy to lose sight of the important safety precautions our parents and teachers drilled into our heads.  It is also so easy to forget. 

The reality of the situation is that we become complacent. Following just a few of the basics can help you improve your SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, and possibly help you prevent an assault.

Situational awareness is knowing what is happening in your surroundings and environment at all times.

According to Sergeant Survival of In his article entitled “10 Ways To Improve Your Situational Awareness”, my personal favorite is to AVOID COMPLACENCY. 

Here is what he says:

“When things are slow or tasks are routine complacency usually occurs.  The worst part is the slow creep of complacency is hardly ever noticed except in hindsight.”

While situational awareness was originally a military term, many campuses and law enforcement agencies have implemented and are utilizing prevention programs to raise awareness with the use of a campus alert system designed to raise student awareness and provide resources regarding all aspects of safety.

This article is expertly written and is intended to be applicable to our everyday life situations. 

He further points out that everything he is suggesting in his article are skills we already use, but suggestions designed to improve our perception of what is happening around you.

situational awarenessStay aware and stay tuned for our next article.  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and situational awareness plays a big role in the prevention of sexual assault.It frightened me to realize that as ultra safety conscious as I am, that several of his suggestions definitely pertain to me.  When I am working, I have the tendency to tune out everything around me, causing me to be less attentive than I should be.