Blog Excerpt By: Loren Stein, M.A.

Horny old broads, dirty old men. 

These commonly used terms speak volumes about how society views older people who are interested in sex.

The younger generations refuse to consider that their parents and grandparents remain sexually active longer than society traditionally thought they were.  In fact, several senior care facilities are making accommodations for privacy with their residents. 

Our perception of sexual health changes as we age, as do our intimacy needs. 

It becomes increasingly important to nurture our sexual relationship, knowing that over age 65, our definition of sexual satisfaction is going to go through changes, impacting our sex lives.

senior-sex-adviceHow we cope with these changes will influence our relationships greatly, as well as our satisfaction levels with our partners for the future. 

Several of our articles have been devoted to enhanced communication with our partners, as well as with our personal physicians. Unfortunately, studies like this one on Good Therapy, show that only small percentages of seniors initiate sexual conversations with their physicians. 

Seniors are remaining sexually active for much longer than society deemed possible. 

With modern advances in technology and pharmaceuticals, the possibilities are endless.  Our seniors are staying healthier, living longer and are motivated in the fourth quarter to live life to the fullest, including an active and intimate sex life.

According to one of our favorite bloggers, Michael Castleman, M.A., of Great Sex Guidance,

"Enjoy being more in sync.  Young men heat up much faster than young women, often finishing before their lovers have even warmed up to genital play.  Older men take longer to become aroused-like women. So older couples become more erotically in sync, which enhances sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Finally, men don’t need erections to have marvelous orgasms. In an erotic context-lingerie, candles, music, whispered endearments, and an enthusiastic lover-with enough penile massage and/or fellatio, men with semi-firm or even flaccid penises can still have earthquake orgasms.”