September Is Pleasure Your Mate Month!

Hmmmmm……...I am a few days behind.  I just realized that the entire month of September is PLEASURE YOUR MATE MONTH. 

No problem.  I am going to grab the calendar now.  For sure, hubby's favorite meal for his birthday, with a few other surprises in store.  For my birthday, my favorite restaurant in our favorite vacation spot.

As I am writing this, I am inundated with great ideas for the month, as well as the buildup to our trip, and both of our favorite holidays! I have already started sending my mate little sexy texts about how much I am appreciative and looking forward to getting away together for some much needed alone time. 

We will not be completely unplugged (business and family needs), but we plan to make the most of every minute we have together. 


Sit back and think about the things that you either do now or used to do that your mate LOVES and start your pleasure for September.  Remember, knowing what pleasures your partner will inevitably increase your own pleasure as well as enhance the intimacy of your marriage. Not every item on your list need be extravagant.  To me, it is the simple, little everyday things that my husband does that INSTANTLY makes me smile, improves everything about my day, and makes me so grateful and appreciative to have a spouse that goes out of his way just to make me happy.  

We continually work to improve our relationship, taking guidance and continually learning new techniques all for the betterment of our relationship.  By nurturing our relationship, we become more content and excited to be together, whether we are in the same room or not!

If you are already thinking about a few small things you can do to improve your partner’s pleasure, get creative.  Choose your perfect moment to tease your partner about what your surprise is, and start implementing.  Remember, the thoughtfulness of your gestures mean the world to a grateful spouse. 

I know we all tend to get stuck in a rut with our daily routines.  Life is so busy.  Many times, we feel as if we are running on empty.  Any added task can throw us into overwhelm.  We have a tendency to overlook the things we are dreading when we have something to look forward to. 

The reward of not just talking about doing more for your spouse, but actually implementing a plan for pleasure can give a refreshing jolt to an already great relationship.  Or, improving intimacy and joy in a lagging or stale partnership. 

Doing something simple to alleviate your mate’s workload can not only improve communication levels and your sexual relationship, but also raise the level of mutual respect you both share.  We sometimes forget that we are part of a team.  When one partner of the team lags or gets overwhelmed, the other part of the team should be ready, willing and able to step in and take over some of the burden.

According to Thomas More:

 “The chief part of a person’s happiness consists of pleasure”. 

If you do not know where to start because it has been so long, review our mid-year reboot article: We Used To Have Spark And Sizzle!

Try that one thing you both have always talked about sexually and wanted to try but never have. Trying new things together can bring a whole new layer of intimacy to your relationship.

Granting that one elusive wish can supercharge your relationship for all of September and hopefully, for many months to come! 

Get creative and have fun while doing it. The new memories will be so worthwhile.  Enjoy!