Prepare A Plan Now For A Safe Halloween

Is your primary focus on costumes for your little princesses and superheroes? Most busy people are. 

A few thoughts about makeup and costumes:

ALWAYS read labels and make sure any costumes are flame retardant. 

Buy reflective tape for costumes and pumpkins and use abundantly.

Remember that your little darlings can be hypersensitive to makeup as well as masks. Choking and allergic reactions are common with purchased costumes. Particularly, costumes that do not allow for laundering prior to wearing can be very troublesome due to the unusual fabrics sometimes used for costumes.

We will cover full safety tips in our next article.  This article is a reminder to formulate your safety plan in advance of Halloween.

Have you determined where you plan to go for trick or treating?

If you are part of a neighborhood, the possibilities are limitless to create a safe environment with your family and friends for Halloween.

Many schools and community churches plan events for children and parents way in advance for this dangerous holiday.  Make your phone calls now.

If these options are not available to you, map out your route now! You need to observe the neighborhoods you intend to trick or treat in, and decide whether or not you believe it to be safe. Is the area well lit? Is there easy access in and out?

Trying to stay in areas that you are familiar with will improve your overall safety on this day that is intended to be enjoyed by families worldwide. 

If at all possible, coordinate with a fellow parent or friend to accompany you for planning purposes, as well as for Halloween festivities. The more the merrier, and safer for all of you!

Many people tend to allow older children to bring younger siblings trick or treating.  Not only are younger siblings reluctant to take orders from older brothers and sisters, older children are not always as hyper-vigilant as they need to be on this particular day.

A full safety discussion and a list of non-negotiable items needs to start being reviewed now.  Waiting until the last minute leaves too many safety issues to chance.

Make your preparations now.  Stay tuned for our next article which covers additional safety tips to have a safe and fun-filled All Hallows Eve.