Post Encounter Clean Up: Not Just For Yourself, But Your Marital Aids/Toys And Bedding. Oh! Don't Forget Your Partner!

Proper hygiene is essential, but even more so after your sexual encounters. Both men and women need to clean up as soon after sex as possible. While the urge is to just lounge around and enjoy the aftereffects of your special evening, you both need to urinate as soon as possible after sex, and consume water as soon as possible. By doing so, you are able to minimize the risk of urinary tract infections, as well as bacteria.

Hopefully, you are changing your bedding regularly. If your bedding becomes soiled during your playtime, it may be necessary to change your bedding sooner than anticipated. You do not want to promote the growth of bacteria or yeast and then sleep in that environment. If you anticipate a messy playtime, laying out towels may be a solution you prefer.

If you are incorporating the use of marital aids or sex toys in your encounter, it is necessary that you wash these things immediately after use, as well as before and after sharing. We will cover cleaning later on, but as we recommend with most things, read your labels. All marital aids and adult toys will have a list of material ingredients, as well as proper cleaning instructions on the packaging. 

Reading labels not only of your aids/toys but of ANY personal lubricant you choose can reduce your chances of having a reaction or, a failed condom during your sexual experience. 

What if you threw away the packaging for your regularly used items, and do not know what material they are made from?

A lot of materials are self explanatory. Things like metal, plastic, glass or jelly can be washed with a mild soap and water. These would be considered nonporous. Nonporous items are sealed, and water will bead up on nonporous surfaces. 

Porous would be items with pores or holes. These can trap and hold bacteria even after cleaning. 

ALWAYS remember after cleaning up your toy box to allow your aids/toys to completely dry before putting away. Storing your things in a way that does not pick up lint, dirt or bacteria will make for a safe and more sanitary experience. 

Choosing the proper lubricant is as important as proper cleaning before and after sex.  

Lubricant is needed for a multitude of reasons. Vaginal dryness due to medications, age, stress, birth control pills and dehydration are several of the reasons women experience dryness. Menopause is also a primary cause of vaginal dryness. Sex should be comfortable and pleasurable. Protecting your tissue in the vaginal and anal region can prevent discomfort and hypersensitivity.

Even if your body produces an adequate amount of lubrication, the time may come where you need to shop for and use lubricant for a more satisfying sexual encounter.

If you have never used lubricant and do not know what to choose among the many choices, here are a few things to consider: 

There are three types of lubricants:

Water-based, oil-based and silicone. Your personal circumstances and interests can help you choose the proper lubricant that caters to your personal preferences. 

For use with Le Snuggle, we recommend a high quality water-based lubricant. You need to know that not all lubricants are made the same.

For several years, we researched and tested many lubricants on the market. We would NEVER make a recommendation to our customers without feeling fully confident that the a product we stand behind would meet the highest quality and safety industry standards. After many years of research, we were lucky to become acquainted with and develop a relationship with Trigg Laboratories, and is the parent company of Wet International, Inc.

As part of our June and July promotion, we have partnered with Trigg Laboratories, Inc. (the parent company of Wet Lubricants) to present you with two free 3 ounce packages of Wet water-based lubricant with the purchase of our original Le Snuggle. 

It is our belief that Wet’s water-based lubricant is a “superior product.” Many people use the incorrect lubricant with their marital aids/toys. Our Le Snuggle is made of medical grade silicone. Le Snuggle is designed to mitigate sexual issues with women suffering from vaginal laxity.

Do not use silicone based lubricants with Le Snuggle or other silicone based products. Silicone lubricant can degrade the medical grade silicone used with our premium product. We recommend avoiding oil-based lubricants. They can break down the latex in condoms. Women trying to conceive should also avoid oil-based condoms.


Another important thing to look for when choosing lubricants, is an FDA 510(k) Cleared product. Knowing how your lubricants are manufactured will help maintain the proper pH of your vagina, as well as avoid damaging your products or causing irritation or infections. 

Trigg Laboratories maintain the highest standards and maintain strict manufacturing compliance. It is a pleasure to work with such a reputable company. 

Further, when we learned that Trigg International contributes to more than 300 non-profit community and educational organizations worldwide, we were even more impressed and happy to be collaborating with them. 

Wet is currently available in over 70 countries worldwide. Nationwide, Wet is available at all leading retailers where personal products are sold. To learn more about Wet, click here and here to download and view their explainers.