One Year Milestone: Annual Reflection

If you would have told me six years ago when we started this project, that we would be having a one year launch anniversary, I never would have believed it.  Nor, would I have believed the actual path taken to reach this point. 

Initially, I thought because I had an innovative, new product, that the business would explode overnight as soon as we went live with the website. 


When we began and we realized that a blog would be an integral part of our online presence, we started researching. 

At that time, I was missing the boat entirely on what a blog was.  I was also off base when I decided I would blog about all I was learning about building a blog.

Had I applied the same principles we considered when developing our business, I would have had a better idea how to blog without recreating the wheel. 

Everything I could have come up with regarding blogging is already being taught by untold numbers of blogs out there. And, a lot better than we could have!

Best laid plans and all of that! Our webmaster changed the path we were planning, not because they were pushing their own ideas, but because there was so much more for us to learn.

And learn we have.  When we initially identified our audience, we were only generating content for post-menopausal women, “women of a certain age”, and senior Zoomers. 

Imagine our surprise to find out that our product and blog was crossing into a larger audience.  One that includes baby boomers, millennials, gen-exes, and even octogenarians. 

Combining all of the demographic statistics with our own experiences with the business and blog drove home the fact that working on all of our relationships will not only improve every aspect of our lives, but also our sexual experiences,  NO MATTER WHAT AGE WE ARE!

It is a common desire to be successful in all aspects of our lives. 

We are striving with each blog post published, to give our audience a worthwhile nugget to implement in order to improve all of the relationships in their lives, while learning to be a more effective communicator.

The other big surprise during this past year, is how much I have enjoyed interacting with other professionals, other bloggers, and our outstanding computer team. There have been times when we became frustrated and lost focus. Or, just plain and simply overwhelmed. 

The amount of work that is put into research and development of just one article is extremely time-consuming.  At the same time, we are also maintaining the day to day operations of the business, as well as the day to day operations of our lives.  

What an amazing and rewarding experience.  We are excited and fortunate to be able to continue this work. 

Without our wonderful group of subscribers, we would not be starting our second year. 

Many thanks to everyone that has assisted us in the past year, and we are looking forward to providing interesting and important information to you during the course of 2019.