October Is National Sausage Month ...We Are Not Kidding.

In spite of the weightiness of the majority of our blog topics, we do try to have fun with our team and lighten things up now and then.

October is NATIONAL SAUSAGE MONTH.  We love our sausage in South Louisiana!  Here is my plan:

A cool front is coming through before tomorrow's SEC football.  Perfect football weather. We are going to be grilling hot smoked sausage for poboys (poor boys).  We are serving homemade potato salad and all the favorite condiments, including wine and beer!

I had no idea until I started questioning people on the beach recently on vacation how particular people are about their special type and brand of sausage.  There is quite a disparity in the favorite types of sausages depending on the region you are from. Since I cook mostly Cajun recipes, I will only use local sausages, andouille and tasso.

Kielbasa and Bratwurst seemed to be the overwhelming favorites of my northern beach friends, with Italian sausage falling in close behind. 

My beach friends from the south tend to like hot sausage links and patties.  Patty or link? That was a whole other conversation. Chorizo  is a local breakfast favorite for all my beach friends.

There are many recipes that incorporate the use of different sausages. Have a family tasting of all the different sausages you can find in your local store or meat market. Then, incorporate the winner into a family dinner. Family entertainment at its best!

We spend a lot of time researching for our business and the wide variety of topics we cover in our blog. This article was no exception.  I had no idea how interesting the process of making sausage is.  Several articles I read suggested if given the opportunity, to watch this process in person.  There is a local manufacturer within a short distance, and I intend to visit soon. 

Happy Sausage Month, and let the grilling begin!