National Psoriasis Awareness Month – 2021

This year marks the third year we have published articles for National Psoriasis Awareness Month.

My team requested that I follow-up on our 2020 article in light of a resurgence of COVID-19. They also requested that I provide some of the tips that I personally utilize to manage my psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and Koebner Phenomenon.

Since our article last year, I have been lucky enough to maintain my remission status. It has not been easy due to my amped up levels of stress due to the pandemic.

Normally, I am able to treat myself with sun and salt water several times over the summer months. Due to the pandemic, I did without copious amounts of soaking and baking. I spent as much time as possible outdoors in the sun, but went into the winter with a very mild flare-up.

I immediately started with the anxiety and worry that I usually experience with flare-ups. I knew that if I allowed this to happen, my flare would be so much worse. I realized that I had to take immediate action to try to prevent a more serious flare-up.

Although I have a constant maintenance program, it is easy to relax some of the things that I KNOW work for me when I am clear.

It was time to batten down the hatches!

“I like to improve all the time and never let complacency creep into my system.”

                                                                        -----Sandeep Singh 

Although I drink approximately a gallon of water per day, I increased my intake of water due to the extremely hot temperatures, as well as the amount of time I was spending outside.

One of the things I did wrong, was increasing my bathwater temperature as my skin cleared. As much as I dislike a cool bath, I know that the reduced temperature prevents further dehydration.

Maintaining a twice daily regimen of full body moisturizing is a major part of my treatment plan. I did use sunscreen while increasing my outside time as well.

Another thing that I did was resume my food/drink journal. I cut out all foods, fruits and drinks. Also, anything red that I consume can worsen my symptoms.

Diet is very impactful to maintaining my life with psoriasis. I know that I had become a little complacent because I was doing so well. I also realized I was under more stress because of the pandemic. I cut my alcohol consumption (another direct trigger), and eliminated ALL fried food. I also increased portions of  celery (fresh and cooked), cucumbers and vegetables. These are a few that work for me.

Exercise not only helps my joints physically, it provides an emotional boost, as well as a sense of being proactive.

While psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis flares limit our ability for heightened activity, frequent stretching helps increase blood flow and improve mobility. Stretching can easily be done in bed and incorporated into your daily routine.

My path is not standard nor, does it fit with the mainstream ways prescribed today. I had to pursue a non-traditional path to wellness because I react violently to most of the drugs used in the most common medical treatments for psoriasis. It is probably because I started at such an early age and there were really no treatments available. Extreme measures were used for me that had long-term reactions.

I’ve actually been all over the world exploring treatment options. Most worked in the short term, but there were no long-term solutions for not one but two incurable diseases. 

The most extreme lengths that I went to enabled me to clear for the first time and develop a happy and satisfying way of life.

While not for everyone, I treated in Mexico with chelation therapy infusions on multiple occasions. Once clear, I was able to develop a treatment plan with a chelation therapy physician in the United States. A tailored plan that was specifically designed, allowed me to function normally for the first time in my life.

Presently, I maintain with diet, exercise, and supplements that include a daily probiotic (30 billion CFUs), and 2 extra strength Mega Red supplements. I utilize the Mega Red for a dual purpose:

  1. Your heart can be impacted by psoriatic arthritis and the inflammation associated with it.
  1. Because I previously had a stroke, my personal physician recommended this supplement to assist in maintaining my cardiovascular health, as well as helping to build and maintain my immune system.

As part of my daily regimen, I weigh myself first thing every morning. This is important to me because I try to avoid fluctuations or changes in my weight. I use it as a tool in conjunction with my strict diet to avoid potential flare-ups, as well as an indicator of any other health issues that may arise.

I learned the hard way that my sleep habits were a very important part of my wellness routine. Even when not convenient, I stick to a regimented sleep schedule. I am an early riser, so I also go to bed extremely early. It took some time for my body to adjust to such a stringent schedule. Now, if I deviate from this schedule, my body feels the difference immediately.

As I always advocate to our subscribers, it is IMPERATIVE that you fully research and read the labels of any product you use internally or externally. Learn your triggers.

I have great appreciation for the people who think of me or send me products they have either used or heard worked for psoriasis.

However; before you introduce something unfamiliar or new to your system, PLEASE do your homework!

Psoriasis is notorious for affecting our skin where moisture gathers. Specifically, our private parts and under our arms. Those areas are hard to treat. Cortisone is not recommended for the genital areas due to steroid-induced skin atrophy. This atrophy can occur with both prescription and over the counter steroid creams. It generally reverses with discontinuation of the steroid.

Important to know if you have prolonged use of steroids. Permanency can be associated with this atrophy. Nothing that I would wish on anyone.

This disease takes hard work to manage well. It takes time to adjust many aspects of your life to regain a semblance of normality. With the right support team which includes physicians, family and friends, you can learn to manage well and have a long and happy life.

Below are links to our previous articles for National Psoriasis Awareness Month. Reach out and ask your questions. We are happy to be a resource for you.

Be safe! Mask Up! Get Vaccinated and Be Proactive!