Make The Fourth More Memorable!

For kids and adults alike, the Fourth of July has traditionally been an outdoor community gathering, with fond memories of cookouts, togetherness and above all, fireworks!

With the epic changes endured by all of us during 2020, how do we celebrate a national event that has been such an integral part of our lives?

There is not a lot of media attention centered around the upcoming holiday, as most events have been canceled. In some of the states that have reopened, several events have been drastically changed to accommodate the urgency for social distancing. But we still need to improvise, to provide a memorable experience for our family. 

There are some collaborations with radio stations, enabling you to drive and park at certain venues, and listen to the celebration while still seeing fireworks displays. Check around in your local communities and see what events you can find for your family. Several fireworks displays will be available online.

If events are not an available option, it is time to be creative at home.

Place safety first before planning your event. Check your local area before purchasing fireworks for your family. Many areas do not allow fireworks due to the fire risks and proximity to other homes. 

If you do purchase fireworks for your family use, perform a complete check of the area you will be lighting those fireworks. Make sure you have an adequately sized area to set off your fireworks. Also ensure that your fire extinguisher is near, that it is up-to-date, and functioning properly.  

If you are grilling, ALWAYS open the grill before lighting, and have a hose nearby in case of fire. This holiday is for celebrating. The last thing we want is to have to change our plan and spend the holiday at the ER.

Unfortunately, this is one celebration that accidents, injuries and burns are drastically increased. 

Many people understand the safety issues with fireworks but want to provide their children with some form of excitement. Usually, that includes giving their younger children sparklers. 

Did you know?

According to Fact Retriever: 

“Sparklers are deceivingly benign. They can actually burn as hot as 2000 degrees fahrenheit.”

They further report:

“In the U.S., sparklers account for 41% of the emergency room firework injuries. Additionally, sparklers account for 79% of injuries to children under 5 years old.”

While sellers of fireworks are open in 49 states, there is no guarantee that your particular geographic area has not banned fireworks for the holiday.  Several states have a permanent ban on fireworks due to the risks involved.  

Fact Retriever also reports:

“On a typical July 4th, approximately two out of five reported fires are caused by fireworks.”

So what are the alternatives? 

You still have time to plan a fun and action-packed 4th of July for your family. Try ordering glow sticks, silly string and party poppers. There are unlimited ideas available online to make your evening memorable. Recently, I saw a video that gave detailed instructions on how to make your own pinata.  What a great idea! 

Implement games with prizes that your family are sure to enjoy. 

Each and every day, we are having to adapt to our changed lives. Everything seems to take more time, more planning, more innovation, and more restraint. While we are not always successful, our efforts are noticed by our families and appreciated if not always voiced. 

Try to take a few minutes to plan a memorable and safe holiday for your loved ones. Children are having a hard time understanding all of the monumental changes to our lives. A little extra effort can help restore a little normality to our kids who are trying to cope with their world changing in front of them.

Time does not stand still for anyone. It seems like just yesterday that we published our article for July 4th, 2019. Click here to read that article.

Be safe. Be smart. Most of all, be kind. We handle these trying times in different ways. Some better than others. If you know you can reach out and help someone navigate all these massive changes, please take the time. You may not realize just how much of an impact you can have.