Limited Time ONLY: Get 50% Off Le Snuggle Starting June 1st!

50% OFF SALE!!!!!!

Starting June 01, 2021, we will be offering FOR THE FIRST TIME, a sale on our original Le Snuggle! This sale applies to our retail customers, as well as our wholesale partners.

For a limited time only, Le Snuggle will be available for $39.95! This includes a free insertable vibe, as well as two free 3 ounce samples of Wet water-based lubricant. 

Due to the pandemic over the last year, we were unable to source the platinum grade silicone that we use to manufacture our superior product. As the world is attempting to reopen, we are offering this limited time only sale to clear out our existing inventory.

We have spent the last year working with our tooling engineers and member of our team making some very slight improvements to Le Snuggle.

We are going to dedicate our articles for June and July to providing our subscribers with as much information as possible on why Le Snuggle is so beneficial. We will also include information as to how it works, as well as the proper use of Le Snuggle. We will also cover the proper choice of lubricants, as well as proper cleaning of Le Snuggle.

We have published several articles over the last two years that emphasize the steps necessary to ensure maximum pleasure from utilizing our marital aid.

Stay tuned for further information. As always, all inquiries are answered personally and we welcome your feedback. 


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