Labor Day 2021 Do You Know The Origin? Or, Is It The Mark Of The End Of Summer And Wearing White?

We all look forward to those paid holidays. But, do you know the reason behind Labor Day?

Many of us believe Labor Day marks the end of the summer and wearing our white shorts. Most of us do not realize how this holiday came about or when. 

Unions in 1882 planned a parade for all of their workers. They however, had to give up a day’s pay to participate. Over 20,000 workers participated. In 1887, a bomb was detonated during a union rally in Chicago. This bomb killed seven police officers and four other people. Because of this bombing, many other countries established May 1st as National Workers Day. The United States chose the first Monday in September to celebrate this holiday.

President Grover Cleveland signed and approved the first Monday in September as Labor Day on June 28, 1894.

For many years, the parades continued but eventually evolved into what Labor Day is today. It is now a celebration of organized labor, with lots of activities to celebrate. It does tend to mark the end of the summer AND, the beginning of football season. The NFL plays its first official season game the Thursday after Labor Day.

As far as still wearing white, that white rule is hardly adhered to anymore. Most people wear white throughout the year. Older generations definitely tend to still follow the no white after September rule!

While this holiday originated with union members, unions have dramatically changed throughout the years. Union or non-union are still hot button topics, whether you agree or disagree with unionization. This holiday should be a celebration of all members of the workforce and their accomplishments.

According to

The National Education Association is the largest union in existence today.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

There were 14.3 million union members in 2020.

In Georgia in 1955, the first Waffle House opened on Labor day.

For the second year in a row, our Labor Day is going to look different. No big parties, but barbecues with our family sound like a wonderful way to spend our holiday. A step back from the stress of COVID, returning to work and school and, an opportunity to be together as a family. This seems to me to be a temporary reprieve from all that is troubling. Even if only for a day. Make that day as special as you can for you and your loved ones. Plan and prepare in advance. Be creative and make memories.

Here are a few interesting working facts according to

  • Nearly 80% of American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs.
  • Over a lifetime, the average person spends about 90,000 hours at work.
  • Over a lifetime, the average person holds between seven to eight different jobs.
  • The average work desk is home to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.
  • The three most common jobs in American are 1)salesperson, 2)cashier, and 3)fast-food worker
  • Once an item is filed away, there is a 98% chance it will never be seen again.


If you are planning to grill for Labor Day, keeping your area safe is critically important. You can watch these grilling safety tips below:


Be safe! Mask up! Be Proactive!


“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”                                                                        - Aristotle