January Is National Blood Donor Month | What You Need To Know

If you are on social media at all, you are seeing the notices about blood supplies being at critically low levels. The need is enormous right now. Due to the pandemic, many of the consistent blood donors are opting out from donating. 

Blood donation is safer than ever before.

Extra precautions have been implemented to protect you. Supplies have traditionally been maintained through blood drives in our communities. Numerous cancellations have created diminished supplies. You want to ensure that your loved ones have access to blood during emergency  situations. 

Every two seconds, a patient needs a blood transfusion. Blood donation was safe before the pandemic, with every precaution taken to prevent infection. If possible, blood donation is even safer now. Blood centers are adhering to the very strict guidelines put forth by the White House.

National Blood Donor Month originated in 1969 by President Richard Nixon. His original proclamation paid tribute to voluntary blood donors, as well as encouraged new donors to join.

 According to ADRP.net

 “Do you know someone with cancer? Someone who is pregnant? Someone with sickle cell disease? Then you know someone who may need blood. Everyday, someone in your community may need blood, don’t wait until a tragedy or shooting happens, donate today!” #NBDM #NationalBloodDonorMonth #ADRP 

Do you know your blood type?

Do you think you are not eligible to donate blood because of your lifestyle? Have you heard that you cannot donate blood if you have tattoos? As always, we recommend that you do your own homework. Blood donation has evolved over the years, including testing for HIV and other infectious diseases. 

If you had COVID and are recovered for 14 days without symptoms, your blood could be lifesaving to help others attack this deadly virus. 

Convalescent plasma is blood that contains antibodies and is used to assist in the treatment of COVID. It is a little more involved than simple blood donation but made easier with the majority of work done online prior to donation. This process takes a little longer, but the need is also great for convalescent plasma. The personal satisfaction of knowing you may be saving lives with your donation is a very worthwhile endeavor.

If you are unsure of where blood donation centers are located, you can visit the FDA website (fda.gov) for a list of resources to find a collection site, as well as schedule your appointment. The FDA is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

They are making blood donation as convenient as possible, by contacting you by phone when they are ready to safely draw your donation 

If you are still in doubt, how does an incentive sound?

Go to the Red Cross website (www.redcross.org), and learn about their collaboration with the NFL for donations made between January 1 -20, 2021. Not only do you have an opportunity to win tickets to next year’s 2022 Super Bowl, other gifts will be given as well as part of this collaboration. Please go to their website by clicking here and schedule your appointment. 

If you are feeling like you need to be doing more to give back and feel restricted by COVID protocol, blood donation is a gift that not only may save someone else’s life, it may even save your own! 

Please consider donation today! Be a part of the solution.