International Men's Health Week | June 10-16

Last month, we concentrated on National Women’s Health Week. 

June 10 – June 16, 2019 is International Men’s Health Week. This week is observed each year leading up to Father’s Day.

One constant with us is that we repeat over and over the critical importance of being proactive with your physical health. Early detection and preventive measures can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, not to mention possibly saving your life.

Depending on your age, your physician will help you schedule whatever yearly screenings are necessary.

Get a Yearly Physical


If you have convinced yourself you are healthy and do not require a yearly examination, please gather your information and re-evaluate your situation. (No one LIKES the dreaded “finger wave”!) There are many silent killers that have no symptoms at all.

A physical can bring to light issues early on before they become a problem. Use this opportunity to discuss your sexual health with your physician as well. Being happy in our bedroom improves our overall outlook on things, as well as promotes optimum health.

Men’s Health Week is also for younger men in our lives.

Education and understanding the importance of always using a condom is an essential part of being the healthiest you can be.

Receiving proper immunizations can prevent pain and disease. Younger men should receive immunization for HPV.

If you are unfamiliar with HPV, you can read our blog article from January 30, 2019, that covers the subject of human papillomavirus (HPV) by clicking here.

As an older man, immunization for flu as well as pneumonia should be part of your yearly physical.

Make a plan to increase your physical activity.

Being active can improve so many aspects of your physical health. Managing your weight and stress levels are two big factors to being the healthiest man you can be.

Maintaining your mental health, and seeking treatment if needed is also a very important. encourages us to:

Let him know you care. One reason men disregard their own health is that they’re too busy taking care of everyone else. What they don’t realize, however, is that if they die early, they’ll be hurting the very people they’ve worked so hard to protect. So remind him that you and your other family members love him and need him to be alive and healthy for as long as possible”.

Here are a few statistics that you may find helpful:

Statistics via Federal Occupational Health

76.4 average life expectancy

88% of adult men report being in good to excellent health

51% of adult men report meeting government physical activity guidelines

31% of adult men report binge drinking at least once in the past year (binge drinking for men is having 5 or more alcoholic drinks in one day—on average men have about 12.5 binge drinking episodes per year)

35% of adult men are obese

32% of adult men have hypertension

21% of adult men smoke

Things to Keep an Eye On: 

  • Monitoring physical activity levels
  • Maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight
  • Going tobacco free
  • Eating nutritiously
  • Managing stress