I Lost A Friend Today

Editorial Note:

As I was putting the finishing touches on this article, I received the shocking news that my long time friend passed away from Covid-19, leaving behind his wife and daughter.  He had been on a ventilator since April 10, 2020, with many complications throughout his hospitalization.  He was in extremely good health for his age prior to Covid-19.  This article is dedicated to him.  We have to be smarter with our entrance back into society.  This is as real as it gets.  The frustration of not being able to physically help my friend during this terrible ordeal is very real.  My heart is broken. 

Covid Forward...Right On Outta Here!

Are you feeling the myriad effects of being quarantined? This is a multi-generational thing, and everyone is not in the same boat.  The unknown factors of this deadly Coronavirus are starting to come to light, but many resources have not had the time to publish their findings. 

We are going to again encourage our subscribers to verify and research information you are hearing.  Conspiracy theorists are working hard to flood us with misinformation. Remember that the long term effects are still unknown, but new data is pouring in daily. Stories abound about factories burning down, researchers being killed, and many other stories we did not research or try to include in our article. It is one of our responsibilities to you to present only researched data to keep you informed.

Because there is so much that we do not know, it is vitally important to take safety and preventative measures to reduce our chances of transmitting or being exposed to this disease.

As more and more data comes into play, along with our joint collaborations with other recovering countries past their peak virus progression, we have seen instance after instance of recovering Covid-19 survivors continuing to test positive for longer periods of time, with additional people being exposed during the lag time. 

The timeline of patients being fully recovered and going around others bring up a bunch of different issues.  Do you automatically tell people you tested positive and are currently negative PRIOR to interaction with that particular person?

If you believe this pandemic is over because all states have moved into Phase 1, it is time to examine your existing plan for moving forward, making necessary changes to ensure your safety as well as the safety of others. Without all of the measures currently in place, your return to daily life could be seriously delayed.

Another unknown: How long will antibodies build your resistance to virus? Without a vaccine in place, we are in a race for time before the next flu season begins.

Not all of us are handling restrictions well.  All states have started Phase 1.  We will know soon enough if opening was premature.  14 states are reporting an uptick since re-openings however; some of these numbers could be different due to testing becoming more widespread due to availability. 

There is concern over recovered patients going around others prior to a second test confirming they are fully recovered. Being around those considered high risk with compromised immune systems before being full recovered could prove to be a mistake that you may never get over. Guilt is a terrible thing.

If you personally do not believe and are in denial about the severity of this crisis, speak to any nurse, doctor, police officer, EMT/medic or firefighter, and they will be happy to enlighten you.

Speak to someone recovered or even better, a family member for a first hand account of not being able to be with their loved ones with no communication for extended periods of time. The complete loss of control is particularly difficult. Add to that, the sheer numbers of other patients requiring the same quality of care, and families have to learn patience in an entirely new way.

We are ALL concerned about a second wave or rebound of Covid-19. No one wants to have further restrictions imposed.

There will always be the rule breakers. Self-absorbed people function in the belief that rules are meant for other people.  Hopefully, not at the expense of their lives, or of others.

Unless you are an only child with no living relatives, your urgent need to return to normality could be impacting you in an up close and personal manner very soon.

It is estimated that one carrier can infect up to 9 others.  As the various virus strains mutate, it is possible that the ability to infect others depending on the strain could be even higher.

Another unknown at this point: YOU COULD BE A CARRIER AND NOT KNOW IT!

There are more and more instances of younger members of our population testing positive for Covid-19.  An added complication of Covid-19 has presented itself in children ranging from zero to 19 in over 20 states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning to physicians to look for symptoms of Kawasaki Disease and Toxic Shock Syndrome characteristics.   Kawasaki Disease is a rare inflammatory disease that affects the arteries of the heart. Treatment within 10 days of presenting symptoms is critically important to avoid further and possibly long-term heart problems. These conditions are believed to be a post complication of Covid-19.  While very rare, the timeline for onset is very different than that being seen with regular Covid- 19.  If there is such a thing!

Have you taken a personal assessment of your handling of this crisis? What positive improvements have you made in your self-care and maintenance? Do you plan on maintaining and enhancing those changes moving forward?

Since we have no definitive time frame of returning to normal life, maximizing our health and naturally improving and boosting our immune systems is positive, healthy and possibly lifesaving.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also issued an additional warning during their handling of this pandemic that routine vaccinations for children have drastically declined during the pandemic, putting everyone at additional risk.

Because of fear of contagion, serious health issues have been ignored or prolonged, causing prolonged treatment, expense and permanent repercussions from delaying critical treatment. 

Some are referring to this situation as Covid phobia. This is particularly real for heart patients having acute symptoms and not presenting to Er's due to the fear of Covid-19.

Simply put.  You have to look out for yourself too!

The Conversation published another article that I thought was important to include in this article, and it was published on May 14, 2020, and is entitled:

“I thought I could wait this out’: Fearing Coronavirus, patients are delaying hospital visits, putting health and lives at risk.” Read the full article here.


Maintaining a schedule that includes good nutrition, adequate sleep, minimizing stress, exercise and good hygiene will start a path with repetitive and healthy items for moving COVID forward.

One major way to protect yourself is to maintain yearly physicals and blood work. Knowing any hidden diseases and coupled with early detection can provide the data you need for a speedier recovery and better decisions during the process.

Pay attention to your own body. Listen to the signals, both good and bad. Keep good notes, or use an app to keep track of food, medications, doctor visits, symptoms, treatments, etc. By doing this, you can see patterns emerge to assist you in monitoring your daily health.

Another important consideration is to monitor alcohol consumption. Alcohol is known to interfere with optimum immune function.

If you plan on incorporating supplements or homeopathic remedies to boost your immunity, ALWAYS discuss your family health history, existing medications and food/medicinal allergies with your treating physician 

You want to make positively sure you are not routinely doing something counterintuitive to your health. There is minimal regulation regarding supplements and homeopathics. Due diligence on your particular condition and the supplements you are considering is needed to make sure the product is in its purest form and safe for you to ingest.

You can see our article about the importance of knowing your family health history by clicking here.

It is being circulated throughout the world that China is concerned about a second wave of the virus due to a lack of herd immunity.

We previously discussed herd immunity in our article entitled: “Vaxxers vs Anti-Vaxxers: What the public should know, published on January 30, 2020.  This article reported the first appearance of the Coronavirus now referred to as Covid-19.  Our article provides critical information needed now during this time of mitigation and social distancing.

To recap, herd immunity occurs when enough of a population has become immune to the disease to prevent it from spreading. Questions remain about the timeline of the duration of immunity. With the furious pace to find a vaccine, have you thought of the implications, both positive and negative of a vaccine being fast tracked?

Are you going to be first in line for the vaccine?

Or, are you an anti-vaxxer who is exposing your family, relatives, etc. at an even higher rate? Since all of the data is not known at this point, it would be interesting to know how many of the children that have tested positive for Covid-19 are unvaccinated? And, if they are not vaccinated, how many other people did they expose? Hopefully, people like Dr. Anthony Fauci can convert some of the staunch opposition to vaccines in light of this pandemic.

According to Dr. Fauci in an interview provided to The Conversation on May 04, 2020, entitled “A majority of vaccine skeptics plan to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine, a study suggests, and that could be a big problem”.

Dr. Fauci stated in his interview:

“We found that about one fifth of Americans, and more than half of people who hold skeptical views toward vaccine study, may be unwilling to pursue vaccination. Although most Americans do plan to get vaccinated, non-compliance rates may be high enough to pose a threat to collective immunity.” 

Keep in mind that the thought of a possible mandated vaccine has conspiracy theorists and those with government mistrust getting prepared for a fight. Always consider the source and review the facts for yourself. Safety mistakes right now can cost you your life. 

Another resource I frequently visit is HTTPS://UNDARK.ORG/. Their content is unique, and I enjoy their ability to handle touchy subjects which is always a concern with the blogging community.  For a glimpse at the perspective of the anti-vaxxers, UNDARK published an article by Katharine Gammon on April 16, 2020, entitled:

“How the Anti-Vaccine Community Is Responding to Covid-19”.  These are media savvy people and her article is very interesting.  Here is the link.

Always refer to science.  Choose reputable and documented statistics by professionals. How we move forward and prepare for different scenarios will help ensure that we never have to return to the altered world created by Covid-19. 

While you are up to speed on who is considered high risk (age, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.), do you know what comorbidities and stressors are?

Comorbidities are people with two or more health problems at the same time. This can make having Covid-19 harder to treat, with many getting sicker from this Coronavirus.

Mutations of the virus can cause difficulties with vaccine production.  We simply do not have enough published information on the various strains to know the impact on vaccines and long term symptoms and spread. 

We have discussed things that naturally boost your immune system, but do you know what symptoms are associated with a weak immune system?

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Inflammation of internal organs
  • Anemia or other blood disorders
  • Any digestive issues such as, loss of appetite, abdominal cramping
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain
  • Any changes or in growth or normal development in infants and children. 

Moving forward, we have to make better choices regarding our health and safety. It is a path fraught with multiple hurdles and lots of unknowns. 

For years, I have been a huge proponent of Vitamin D.  There are now two studies that are publishing their findings that indicate there are worse outcomes for Covid-19 patients due to vitamin D deficiencies. As a psoriasis patient, we have known that psoriasis patients tend to have vitamin D deficiencies.  There has been research and development using vitamin D derivatives in psoriasis treatment drugs as well.

Dr. McDougall’s Health & Medical Center never ceases to impress us with their solid advice and practical approach to overall health and wellness.  Their process is proven by experts, easy to follow, and supported by the best in the business. They have been kind to us since we began blogging, and I am truly a fan. I urge you to visit and subscribe to their newsletter.  He has generously shared his program as well as his content during this pandemic. Just another aspect of their generosity.

In his article, “Diet, Not Genes, Control Destiny”, he states:

“When looked at from the perspective of human evolution, the current diet we are eating is a bizarre anomaly unlike anything we ate over the last four million years. Our blood, arteries, and cells are not designed to function under so much fat and cholesterol. Our intestines are not designed to function in the absence of fiber. Our immune system is not designed to function without an abundant supply of plant-based nutrients and phytochemicals.”

We must be diligent in our approach to every action we take, and every decision we make. Now more than ever, there are consequences for our actions.

Finally, our heightened sense of safety needs to include situational awareness.

I had hoped that crime would stay down, but as some situations worsen, crime is increasing. We are in a different world now, with face masks being the norm. Pay attention to anything more unusual than what we are seeing as normal right now. 

We previously published an article on situational awareness that you may benefit from.

Click here for the link. 

I Lost A Friend Today.

Treasure every moment and put forth maximum effort to beat this heinous villain!

Editorial Note: For those of you wanting to get back to the way things used to be, a great start would be introducing intimacy back into the scheme of things.  Stay tuned for our next article. We will be providing helpful content to make this transition into a new phase full of love, kindness, sexuality, intimacy and great health and wealth! Be safe.