How To Show Your Spouse You Love Them During The Holidays

Each year, we devote a lot of time to choosing the perfect gifts for our spouses. Whether you choose something you know that they have been wanting or, give them a gift that shows your thoughtfulness and costs nothing. Make your intentions clear.

2020 has been devastating to many, and the holidays may not be as abundant as in previous years. There are many special things you can do to make your holiday season the most special ever! Here are but a few ideas to spark your imagination: 

  1. A handwritten card promising a year’s worth of monthly massages. If you make the promise, keep it. You can include the massage oil as part of the gift. 
  1. Whatever task you know how to take over for a certain period of time. Whether it be weekly vacuuming, or providing Sunday dinner, any weight        removed from your spouse will have you reaping the benefits. While you        may not feel this is a real gift, your spouse will truly appreciate less to do        and enjoy the special time spent with you. 
  1. A gift of all of the items necessary to have a romantic evening. Provide the wine, candles, luxurious throw, and chocolates. Plan a date night and you do all of the preparations. 
  1. Even though traveling may not be an option right now, making time to be together and take a walk or ride together is wonderful in itself.
  1. Volunteering together or making a donation to your spouse’s favorite charity is sure to mean so much.
  1. Even if you cannot afford to pay someone, a promise of monthly car washes is a perfect gift and something you can easily do. 
  1. Pick out the perfect nightwear that you will both enjoy for many years to come.
  1. If you and your spouse enjoy reading, pick out a sexy book that you can read a little each night before bed. Some very enjoyable conversations and   evenings happen with sexy content. 

Just remember to not make promises that you have no intention of keeping. It will come back to bite you.

Make an effort to not allow everyday stress to stop you from showing affection and appreciation to your spouse. We need positive affirmation during these turbulent times.

Make time to check in with your spouse and see if they are getting what they need from you. If not, formulate a solution to the problem and implement changes immediately to be a true partner to your spouse. 

Effort and intention is one of the best ways I know to show my spouse how much I love him. I try to think of our personal situation, and what will make his life easier. Those types of gifts are invaluable. 

Be a true partner and part of a team. 

If my previous articles have brought you closer together and you both now have honest sexual conversations, a perfect gift would be to implement the tools or toys necessary to make one of your fantasies a reality. Plan the evening and let the sparks fly! Be sure to provide the perfect water-based lubricant and Le Snuggle for added fun. 

Material things simply do not have the value that a thoughtful gesture provides.