It is truly hard to believe that we are less than 15 days away from Christmas.

Before you start to panic, step back, take a deep breath and pay attention to what is truly important at this time of year.  Maintaining your relationship, and using your partner for support versus complaining about everything that needs to be done that all falls on you!

According to Monika Hoyt, in her article “Holiday Relationship Stress: How to Have a Peaceful Connected Holiday”, that as with any time of stress, our relationships take a hit. 

Who to spend the holidays with? What to buy? How much to spend?  


“Or we just simply forget to be loving towards our partners because we’re too busy rushing around”

Managing your expectations first and then those of your partner can be one way to maintain your connection with each other throughout this stressful time.

Creating a shared vision of what you both agree on gives you a plan to move forward.  Monika states that if you can let go of things, to let them go without resentment as a conscious choice for peace.

 It is extremely important to pay attention to your own health while rushing around to get everything done. 

Some very simple tasks can help maintain good health throughout the holiday.

1. Wash your hands frequently.

2. Remember to hydrate.

3. Try to moderate your eating habits. There is a reason people add weight during the holidays.

4. Probably most important is to get enough sleep. Maintaining your normal sleep schedule as much as possible can help prevent illness or exacerbating symptoms of existing health issues. 

We are going to talk more about sleep deprivation and its effect on our emotions, sex life and overall health in our next article: “What happens when we are sleep Deprived?”

We totally enjoy Monica Hoyt’s blog and relationship advice. She graciously agreed to allow us to quote her article. 

monica-hoyt Many thanks Monica, and we hope to work with you again in the future.

A Message From Monika:

"Hi, I’m Monika Hoyt. I am a therapist and relationship coach specializing in marriages and long-term relationships on the brink of separation or  divorce.

I help successful, spiritually-minded people who are committed to seeking greater consciousness within themselves for the purpose of radically transforming their intimate relationships.

I walk my clients through an inside-out process of change, combined with a structured approach to creating healthy, authentic relationships. 

I have been counseling people for over twenty years. I’ve completed over 25,000 direct clinical hours and provided clinical supervision to other therapists for a total of four years.

Six years ago, I moved into the coaching space and began working for myself, in order to have more freedom to serve my clients using non-traditional methods that truly work."


To read her full Holiday Relationship Stress Article, click here. 

Ms. Hoyt concludes this article with a poignant statement that we wanted to end our article quoting her verbatim:

“As long as we take care of our closest relationships, we build a foundation for joy and gratitude to fill this time of year. Start a new tradition.  Make an honest attempt to get through the holidays with less stress, and take the time to reacquaint yourself with the true magic and meaning of Christmas."