Having The "Talk" With Our Partners And Physicians

In all of our posts and printed materials, we consistently emphasize the need for deep communication between each other as couples/partners, as well as with their respective physicians.

After all, if we cannot discuss our sexual issues with each other, we certainly are going to be reluctant to bring up the subject of sexuality with our physicians. 

Many specialty physicians will defer to the General Practitioner/Primary Care Physician for general discussions about overall health as well as sexual health discussions.

For instance, a cardiologist may ask to take control of prescribing all medications since many medications adversely react with cardiac issues. These same medications can adversely affect sexual function. 

Just the Basic Questions

Postmenopausal women are generally asked only a couple of very basic questions by their gynecologists after this milestone.


Wow.  We can fit that information in a thimble!

On the other hand, most oncologists will at least have a conversation to determine how important sex is to the patient, whether it be a male or female.

Sadly, cancer is not particular about the target age when intruding into our lives.

Explore all of your options with your physician and tailor a plan that addresses concerns of both partners now and for any long-term considerations. 

Reading up more on these subject matters can be beneficial as well

One of our favorite bloggers is Dr. Anne Koplin, aka Dr. Annie K.  You can find Dr. Koplin’s website and blog at www.loveandmedicine.com. Dr. Koplin is a geriatric psychiatrist by training, but she is so much more. 

Here is a little information about Dr. Anne Koplin:


She is a board certified psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience working with adults and older adults. 

After a  BA in Psychology and a MS in Public Health, she continued her education at Tel Aviv University School of Medicine. She received her sexual medicine training at Loyola University.  Currently her focus is research, and has been a principal investigator of over 50 clinical trials.

 She is a writer and creator of loveandmedicine.com, a website designed to educate, entertain and inform. She writes about sex, love, fashion, travel, aging and simply life. There is an open platform on her website for readers to ask questions. They’ll get a different spin on the ordinary. 

Her passion is to promote healthy aging in mind, body and spirit - through travel, adventure, and lusty sex. Those of us grappling with the challenges of aging are the lucky ones!

She is also a mom of three - an Australian physician,  LA musician and an Israeli soldier. Guess they took her travel advice pretty seriously ;-)

She wants us to know that nothing she posts is a substitute for face-to-face consultation with a physician, but we believe it is through education that we grow as individuals and as better partners.

Dr. Annie K brings compassion when tackling this subject matter

Since I began following Dr. Annie K, I have developed an enormous respect for her. She has an innate understanding and compassion that she brings to every subject she tackles and has written about.  It is said that the true test of a gifted author is the ability to make a reader laugh or cry in one sitting.  Dr. Koplin brings her personality and trials and life successes to her writing. She has a common sense approach with accurate information that promotes overall health and sexual wellness. 

Why We Need to Talk About Sex

On April 08, 2018, Dr. Annie K published an article entitled “Why We Need To Talk About Sex"

Dr. Annie states that the average medical school training about sex is about 8 hours in four years.

According to Dr. Annie K, generational obstacles could play a part in doctors not asking sexual questions to their patients.  They may be assuming someone is too old or too young to be having sex.

She ends this informative article with a statement so simple yet critically important that we quote Dr. Annie K verbatim:

Just as we inquire about sleep, appetite, fever and pain, we need to be talking about sex. We need a revolution in the culture of health care to bring this subject out in the open. 

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