Halloween: Stay Alert, Don't Get Hurt!

Hopefully, you now have your Halloween costumes altogether and, you have formulated your plan for safe trick or treating.

Here are a few safety tips to protect you and your loved ones that you may not have considered:

  1. If you are taking responsibility and bringing other children with you and yours in your own vehicle, be sure you have a full tank of gas for unforeseen events, as well as the appropriate insurance in place. 
  1. Be sure to discuss any health or behavioral issues with any children other than your own that may be in your vehicle.   Remember, allergies, loud noises or fear of animals can be a problem if you are unaware of these issues prior to going on your trick or treating.
  1. Be sure to do your homework and check the local law enforcement database to lookup sex offenders and criminals in the area you are going to be going to. 
  1. If you are staying in and having children over to trick or trick, be sure that your property is well lit, with all outside obstacles removed from the walkway. It is very easy for kids to trip without a clear path to your door.  Removing all vehicles from the driveway is very helpful as well.
  1. Save the homemade Halloween treats for your family, friends, and grandchildren. Not only do we advise to only accept commercially wrapped candy, so does everyone else.
  1. Keep your pets safe and secure inside. Pets do not like constant disruptions and unusual activity.  

Gene Klein, Child Safety Expert with Project Harmony graciously allowed us permission to use some of his article entitled: “Mother’s Complete Guide to Halloween Safety” in our safety article to you. 

According to Mr. Klein: 

“The likelihood of your child being struck by a car or killed in a car/pedestrian collision quadruples on Halloween.  Deaths and injuries by fire also jump from October 30 to November 1st”."

It is also important to note:

“In over 70% of the accidents, the child was not crossing at an intersection or crosswalk”.

It is critical to point out that large numbers of accidents that occur on Halloween involve drunk drivers.  Pay attention to your surroundings, and try not to be distracted and most importantly, STAY OFF OF THE PHONE!

If you have already started discussion with your children about safety, it is worth going over again and again.
Never take candy from strangers or enter anyone’s home or vehicle. 

After returning home, lay out all candy for inspection. Before digging in, make sure to turn up the lights and examine candy in bright light. Dispose of any torn wrappers or anything that does not look normal.

Check out this youtube video on Halloween Candy Safety Tips:


Unfortunately, candy tampering is something that we as responsible adults have to protect our children from. When inspecting candy, be sure to consider allergies as well before dispensing and allowing consumption.

The internet presents candy tampering as an urban myth. There sadly are several real instances documented. Rather than damper what is supposed to be a fun holiday, I will simply urge you to be ultra-cautious.  Be vigilant and pay attention to everything and everyone around you. 

Spreading out candy consumption over a few days can help alleviate any complications from overeating candy.

Remember to sort candy by shape and size for our younger witches and warlocks to avoid any choking hazards.