Halloween 2021: No Doubt An Improvement From 2020, But We Still Need To Be Ultra Careful!

After 2020 being virtually canceled for everyone, how are you feeling about letting your little ghosts and goblins trick or treat?

With the Covid-19 numbers steadily declining, you have to remember that the virus is not gone. It is still circulating and causing illness and death. Just not as extreme as 2020. The good news is: Dr. Fauci and the CDC believe if planned correctly and SAFELY, your kids can go trick or treating.

There are a few things to consider and guidelines to be put in place before your kids take off trick or treating:

Will they be outside only? Large gatherings and parties are still not recommended. Since you do not know who has been vaccinated outside of your immediate family and kids younger than 12 are more likely than not, unvaccinated, do you want your kids exposed to possible transmission?

If you are allowing your kids to go door-to-door, is this your neighborhood and people you are associated with? Never venture into areas you are unfamiliar with.

Make sure a responsible adult is accompanying your kids to ensure safety measures are being adhered to.

Pre-packaged candy bags are recommended this year. Never allow your children to consume homemade or unwrapped candy. Be sure to inspect all candy personally before allowing your kids to consume their booty. It is NOT an urban myth that candy never gets tampered with.

Be sure to incorporate a mask other than the one that comes with the costume for maximum protection for your little ones. 

Bring plenty of hand sanitizer and make sure to have the kiddos wash their hands frequently. Especially, prior to eating their candy that came from other than your own household. If you would like to learn more about COVID and Halloween, watch this video by the CDC called "CDC recommendations for COVID-19 safety this Halloween"

Do not drink and drive with your kids or your friends kids on Halloween. Halloween is one of the most dangerous holidays for accidents.

Always be sure to use reflective tape on costumes to make sure your kids are noticed and stand out.

There are numerous fun alternatives to consider if you are still worried about Covid safety. Family parties, scavenger hunts, or Zoom costume contests with prizes are all fun and safe alternatives.

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Be proactive. Be safe. Mask up, and get vaccinated.

Remember, the flu vaccine is more important than ever before to protect you and your children