FAQ: How To Keep The Intimacy Alive?

Of all the questions and feedback we receive at Le Snuggle, one of the most frequently asked and repeated questions is “How to keep intimacy alive?”

We have dedicated several posts to the theme of intimacy and the impact it has on our overall well-being.  But not just us. Many articles provided by multiple disciplines view intimacy as a key component to a fulfilling and satisfying relationship.  Intimacy is right up there with maintaining a high level of communication with each other. 


Among the questions and follow-up that we receive from subscribers, one common factor stands out. 

Overwhelmingly, all of the people that take the trouble to write in have a desire and willingness to work at their relationships.  Further, they believe that intimacy improves all aspects of their life, not just the sexual aspect.  Having this mindset gives you a definite advantage.

Once you realize and acknowledge that intimacy does not always have to involve sex, you can enhance and see immediate improvement in your level of intimacy. 

When we find a blog that we enjoy, we try to let you know about it, as well as listing on our blog for future reference. 

A new favorite is The Good Men Project

Their mission statement is “The Conversation No One Else Is Having”

As part of our effort to expand our audience group, this blog is fresh, covering a wide variety of topics and opinions.  They are very professional and present well.  Thank you for working with us, and we hope to work with you again in the future.

In their article: “How to Keep Intimacy Alive in Your Relationship”

The entire article is informative.  Better yet, there are several simple suggestions that can make an immediate and positive boost to the level of intimacy in your relationship.  Read their entire article for complete details, but here are a few of their recommendations that you can start today:

  • Give compliments.
  • Have frequent date nights.
  • Be curious.
  • Touch often.

In a long term relationship, we tend to think there is nothing new to learn about our spouse.

“……….When we show interest in our partner’s world, we are able to gain new insight and show to our partner that their world matters to us.  Ask new and interesting questions.”

If you are asking the right questions, you are making progress. 

“There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood.  And understanding someone else”             
- Brad Meltzer,  The Inner Circle