Dear Le Snuggle: What Options Do I Have Besides Surgery?

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Editor’s Note:  To date, we have not centered any articles around comments or letters received from our customers/subscribers.  We receive a lot of feedback on Sundays compared to the rest of the week and we felt compelled to respond to this particular letter sent to us via snail mail. 
We are keeping her name and address anonymous for privacy concerns.

Dear Le Snuggle, 

"Prior to discovering your blog or your product, my wife and I visited two separate facilities for the purpose of being evaluated for possible vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation, depending on which term you prefer to use.  

Our first stop was my wife’s gynecologist.  He delivered our children (5 in all), and we have an enormous respect for him. 

He examined my wife and had a lengthy discussion with us about normal aging and sexual changes that occur.  

His examination did not determine an obvious issue (such as an anomaly), and his first suggestion was that we BOTH begin pelvic floor strengthening exercises. 

He was very informative and stated that there are various types of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, most of which are not insurance reimbursable.  He ended the conversation by warning us against making a hasty decision. With any type of surgery, there are possible serious side effects and complications to consider. He further urged us to completely research the physicians and the facility before making any major decisions. 

As an aside, the doctor told both of us that my wife has always had a propensity for UTI’s (urinary tract infections), as well as bladder infections.  He suggested we not utilize any of the creams on the market without fully researching the ingredients.  He further said to be sure and review all ingredients of any lubricants that we use.

The second facility I visited with my wife offered a less invasive (non-surgical) method of rejuvenation.  This facility uses a laser.  I really thought the office and staff were nice, but we discovered that the procedure was not being performed by a gynecologist.  And, it was quite pricey.  We both voiced our concern over side effects.  We thanked them for their time and told them we were going to think about it.

My wife and I have never utilized toys in our marriage.  We are happy that we have made forward progress in not only discussing our issues with each other, but with several professionals as well.

I read your previous article about non-surgical solutions for loose vaginas, as well as read your article explaining how to perform pelvic floor exercises. 

This is truly the reason why we were receptive when my wife’s gynecologist suggested it to begin with.  I was extremely surprised to learn that the benefits are not just for women, but men as well. I would like to learn more about this, and hope you will consider a possible article about this subject.

We have decided to try a variety of things before we move forward with any type of procedure."

It is so gratifying to hear that our readers are paying attention to our blog, and are asking important questions. 

The fact that you and your wife communicate so well is what makes my job so worthwhile.  

As with any type of procedure, factors such as an individual’s personal health history, autoimmune system and reactions to anesthesia and surgeries, it is always advisable to do your research and learn any side effects possible.

We have the utmost respect for the quality of oversight the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employs for our protection. 

You might be interested in the following warning issued by the FDA on July 30, 2018:

“FDA Warns Against Use of Energy-Based Devices to Perform Vaginal ‘Rejuvenation’ or Vaginal Cosmetic Procedures: FDA Safety Communication"

Energy-based devices have been used to treat symptoms used for menopause, urinary incontinence, or even sexual function. 

However, the FDA reports in that warning that the purpose of this report is as follows:

“To alert patients and health care providers that the use of energy-based devices to perform vaginal “rejuvenation”, cosmetic vaginal procedures, or non-surgical vaginal procedures to treat symptoms related to menopause, urinary incontinence, or sexual function MAY BE ASSOCIATED WITH SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENTS.  The safety and effectiveness of energy-based medical devices to perform these procedures has not been established.”

The report continues, giving practical recommendations for patients as well as health care providers.

I hope that this information helps you. Feel free to contact us anytime. We have some exciting news coming, as well as several new blog articles that are scheduled for publishing. Thank you for reaching out to us, and we wish you luck.