Snuggle Summer: Best of Intimacy

As we enter into our LIMITED EDITION SNUGGLE SUMMER SALE, we thought that it was the perfect time to celebrate with none other than highlighting some of our most helpful blog post for improving your sexual health! 

We gathered some of our greatest hits when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom, intimacy during a pandemic, and common issues that people face when it comes to keeping the spark alive. 

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How Do You Define Intimacy? 

Sexual intimacy has many benefits, including reducing stress, improved sleep, and better moods. Intimacy is critical to keeping open lines of communication within your relationship.

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How To Keep The Intimacy Alive? →

There are several simple suggestions that can make an immediate and positive boost to the level of intimacy in your relationship. Read the entire article for complete details, but here are a few of their recommendations that you can start today:

  • Give compliments. 
  • Have frequent date nights. 
  • Be curious. 
  • Touch often.

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We Used To Have Spark and Sizzle

Remember when you first met? Your first kiss? Your first intimate experience? Go back to that excitement you used to feel by following a few simple tips with the help of Le Snuggle and

Here is how you can find out more tips on how to keep the spark alive.

Dear Le Snuggle: I Feel Self-conscious When My Husband & I Are Intimate→

"My husband just told me during a discussion over something else that he thinks my vagina is overly large. What is considered normal? I just thought age and a few kids later would just naturally make intercourse feel differently. I feel that we communicate well, but I am trying not to be upset, and I definitely do not want to feel self-conscious when we are intimate."

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Dear Le Snuggle: Not Tonight Dear: A Woman’s Perspective  On Talking About Sex During These Turbulent Times →

“It is hard to remember with everything going on to ask and make sure that I am not ignoring something vitally important to my spouse, but less so to me right now. I just cannot find the energy. I know I should be doing more, but rather than address the elephant in the room, as well as our lack of privacy, I just keep avoiding. I can feel my spouse getting angry and pulling away from me. What to do? I feel like the bad guy here, but I also feel he does not want to hear what I have to say. Help.” 

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Dear Le Snuggle: How Our Relationship Has Been Affected By Covid-19→

"My wife is petrified of getting the virus. And I truly do understand her fear. She has numerous health issues and comorbidities which throw her into the high risk category for Covid-19.

Not only has sex not been on the menu, I have received zero affection or appreciation for any added chores I have undertaken. All to provide additional protection for my wife and her well-being.

I know I am not the only person in this situation right now. I guess I sound whiny, but I need the physical connection with my wife. I think she could care less that I feel this way. Apparently, I do not understand that people are in dire straits right now. I doubt that our arguing is what you meant about the need to communicate effectively and be honest about sex."

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