A Way To Track Your Symptoms ...And Much, Much More!

Chronic illness is difficult to manage in the best of circumstances.  I have had a chronic and incurable disease since age 8. 

Throughout many different treatments and trial studies, I had to monitor food intake, side effects of various drugs, both physical and psychological.

Since I am over 50, I did not have the luxury of the internet to help keep me on track.

Several of my friends and relatives are dealing with aging and ill parents.  All of this while trying to earn a living and taking care of our own families, and keeping track of the many doctor’s appointments, medication regimen AND all changes in behavior, sleep, food, etc, of their parents.

Difficult and time intensive!

Throughout the years, I have had to keep symptom tracker journals for various personal conditions, as well as one at the behest of my own physician. 

Our lives are busier and busier.  Whether you have a long-term illness or just medication for a period of time, the CareClinic app can help you comply with treatment recommendations by providing appointment and medication reminders, as well as monitoring your side effects, and changes in your condition. CareClinic  through notifications gives us a way of placing a lot of information in one place. Preferable to hauling around a bag of medicine and a medical file. CareClinic helps chart your health condition, with the ability to print and/or share with the healthcare staff.care-clinic-app 

By better managing your health, your response to treatment will produce better outcomes.

You can download the CareClinic symptom tracker in your apple store or google play.  There is a website application as well, click here to visit!

Once you create and begin developing your Care Plan, making an attempt to log information daily will enhance your overall impression of this innovative application. By posting frequently, interesting patterns will emerge to help take your health to the next level.

Based on your journal entries, CareClinic implements an algorithm that charts in their reports section many pain triggers, pain intensity and pain frequency for easier communication with our physicians. This algorithm through printed reports or, their user friendly PDF version will also provide possible interventions or solutions to the information you have logged.  

Consider your CareClinic application a companion to guide you through illness, as well as the journey through improvement and recovery. 

The general medical diary covers conditions such as:

  • Pregnancy Diary
  • Blood Pressure Diary
  • Gluten-Free Diary
  • Weight Loss Diary
  • Baby Health Diary
  • Diabetes Diary

  • Food Allergies Diary

    I see so many additional applications for this symptom tracker not even listed.  (menstruation, menopausal, sexual activity, fertility regimen, etc.)

    CareClinic is available on all platforms for a secure and beneficial symptom tracker: Click Here!