An Uninformed And Irresponsible Pastor

The Governor of Louisiana issued his mandate to stay at home on March 22, 2020, except for essential needs. As of March 30, 2020, it was extended to April 30, 2020 and then May 15th. As of this past week, we will move into Phase 1 of opening the state back up.

Across the country, we have seen leaders of all faiths banning together to worship, while still following the guidelines outlined by all of our leaders. 

There are always going to be people that push the envelope and jeopardize the people around us that they supposedly care about.  Such is the case with Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This pastor not only refused to adhere to the state issued mandates, but also defied the White House, as well as other religious leaders that have gotten involved in trying to use intelligence and reason to have this pastor discontinue his public services. covid19-president-update

This individual with his misguided thinking believes that the pandemic is politically motivated. He not only snubs his nose at authority but wants the attention albeit negative that is being given to him and his church.

This pastor (you can find the information anywhere, as quite a few of the major news outlets have reported his defiance, feeding into exactly what this misguided individual evidently wants). 

I have seen innovative and wonderful community participation with all faiths while still adhering to CDC guidelines. It is truly important right now for all of us to feel connected and for many, their faith is what is keeping them together right now.

So.  What happens now? One thing that is happening are petitions to have this guy arrested, as well as criticism from near and far from RESPONSIBLE religious leaders for whom I hold the utmost respect. They are considerate of their congregations and concerned for their health and welfare. A little respect goes a long way. So does protecting your flock!

People have stepped up for their community and others in the most amazing ways with very few exceptions.

Crime is down in most regions for the first time in recent memory.  For once, people are disregarding race, religion and politics (for the most part).  We WILL have a return to everyday life and with that, restoration of our elections.  Now is the time to stay informed and take a close look at how your elected officials have handled the response to helping our fellow Americans. 

Our officials, first responders and healthcare providers are the unsung heroes in this battle.  There are relentlessly fighting for us while exhausted and worried about themselves and their own families.  And yet, they all turn out to protect us and our families.  That is a debt we cannot ever repay. 

This particular pastor has many congregants. Those same congregants have family members spanning several generations. This same institution is busing people from five different parishes, while CLAIMING they are practicing social distancing. We know that to be untrue simply by the pictures appearing of his weekly services on social and mainstream media.

When these people start getting sick after being warned repeatedly, do they have the right to be standing in line for testing and utilizing our stressed and stretched healthcare resources to care for people that ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to follow what is morally and socially expected?

So...What Can Be Done About It?

If you refuse to listen to the President of the United States or, the Governor of the State of Louisiana, do you think I should continue to believe in your first amendment rights?

No one wants to discuss the possibilities of martial law.  I have not seen the necessity for such a thing to be seriously considered. Most citizens are scared and are adhering to the rules to protect ourselves and each other. 

Social distancing has been practiced throughout history. The Bubonic Plague took the lives of over one third of Europe over a five year period beginning in October of 1347. 

I am highly concerned about this virus changing, becoming even more transmittable. Take a look at the choir that practiced all guidelines and still have numerous members with Covid-19 and, have experienced death within their own group. That changes the complexion of things and enhances the need for even further social distancing.  We also do not know details on whether or not this group was exposed prior to this practice.  There are a lot of unknowns right now for all of us.  We will have unlimited data to analyze once we get past this crisis. 

There are still a few of our elderly population that can tell remarkable stories to our younger generations that have first hand knowledge of dealing with instant and unprecedented changes to our lives and livelihoods. It is a wonderful way to stay connected and give our families and friends educational material to learn from. This information can be used to help us prepare for precautionary measures moving forward. 

Stay safe. Be smart. Most importantly, BE A RESPONSIBLE NEIGHBOR!

Just in case a few of these people actually pay attention to the newspaper, television and our elected officials, here are the guidelines again that have appeared daily everywhere to keep us vigilant and keep us armed with the information necessary to curb this deadly pandemic.

As people are adjusting to their new environments, we are spending more and more time outside if possible. My respite from the overwhelming severity of the research and content we are consuming is my outside patio. blue-bird

So, this is what brings me peace and joy! Hopefully, it will bring you a smile today!

The mom and dad are guarding the nest, and I imagine the babies will be here soon.