Addendum To Our Tap Water Article | Our Results

In our recent article entitled “What Was The Topic Of Conversation At Your Table For The Holidays? Tap Water Safety Tips!"

I was extremely excited to receive my TDS meter.  After prepping, purchasing my clear cups, and figuring out the battery situation (You Tube saved the day), I was ready and eager to begin.

According to the World Health Organization, as TDS level less than 300 mg/liter is considered excellent and between 300 and 600 mg/liter is good, 600 – 900 is fair, 900 – 1200 is poor and a TDS level more than 1200mg/liter is unacceptable.

In India, if the TDS level is above 500 mg/liter, the water is considered disagreeable. 

I am not going to give you fancy graphs showing my results, but I did want to share with you my home experiment.


While my readings fall within acceptable guidelines, I still believe that we should be cognizant of ALL contaminants in our water.

In any event, I proved to my relative that my decision to use bottled spring water as well as my own spring water ice is a good one.  I still prefer to pay for a higher quality water, rather than my acceptable tap water.

The TDS meter is a handy tool.  I will be able to periodically check my readings, ensuring that no significant changes have occurred. 

This was a very inexpensive alternative to using an environmental laboratory for water testing.

Hydration is critical for optimal health.  Drinking the purest water possible can have long-term benefits you may not realize right now.

If your tap water smells, has an odd taste or is discolored, research your water distribution facility for compliance and/or any alerts regarding your water.

Being informed can help prevent health issues resulting from contaminated water.

I have already loaned my TDS to several people.  If any of you purchase your own TDS meter and test it, we would love to hear your results.  

Keep in mind that the TDS meter is only a guideline, and does not give the in-depth results that a comprehensive environmental lab will.