A Tighter and Firmer Vagina: Is It Possible Without Surgery?

Whether you personally believe you are “too loose” or, your partner tells you he feels like sex is no longer enjoyable because of your vaginal laxity, acknowledging there is a problem and discussing it openly can be the first step to improving the intimacy and satisfaction in your relationship.

Following are but a few of the perspectives provided by male and female subscribers:

“We have four kids. Sex has never felt the same after childbirth.”    

“I am not as well endowed as I would like, but if I could have my wife’s vagina        tightened, we may be able to solve this problem.

“Sensation is everything for me, and penetration is necessary for me to have a satisfactory sexual encounter.”         

"I am willing to compromise and try anything to make things better."

"I enjoy oral sex (both ways) but my wife does not understand that at my age, too much foreplay cuts our experience short."

"Because we do not communicate well regarding sex, our encounters leave us both frustrated. It impacts an otherwise wonderful relationship."

"I want my wife to hire a sex coach to teach us how to enjoy more as we age. She absolutely refuses!"         


"I have tried pelvic floor strengthening exercises (Kegels) for long periods of time with no noticeable improvement."

"It was his idea to have more kids."

"My husband wants me to have surgery, but I do not consider it a necessary surgery at this point."

"Maybe my husband is small and chooses to blame me for an unsatisfactory sex life."

"My husband does not grasp that I am not ready to go at the same time he is, so I get angry. And he gets angry if I feel it necessary orgasm on my own."

"I feel that instead of talking about our sex issues, he is accusatory as I don't want us to have a satisfying sex life. He is wrong!"

'My laxity issues cannot be resolved by myself. We should be equal partners in our sexual relationship."

All of these responses are from our subscribers over the past several years, and are ALL reasons to consider trying Le Snuggle.

There is no doubt that with the additional burdens placed on us during the last year, our relationships and ESPECIALLY our sex lives have not been placed at the top of our priority lists.

It is definitely time to start devoting the time and intention necessary to get our love life back on track. Le Snuggle alone will not solve all of your issues. Go back and read some of our older blogs. Our blog is primarily based on an educational format and hopefully, you will gain a little insight on dealing with your partner in a way that allows for communicating in a way that is positive and designed to empower both of you to work on the hard things that need to be discussed with each other and professionals if necessary. 

We have started reprinting some of our most popular articles covering intimacy, communication, foreplay, lubrication, making your partner a priority and of course, incorporating Le Snuggle as the marital aid you have been hoping for.

We welcome all of your questions and comments. It is our hope that our articles will prompt you to be more involved in nurturing your intimacy in the bedroom, and to be more intentional with improving your sexual wellness and overall relationship.

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