A Short Reprieve | Easter 2020 Reflections

Amid all of the heavy weight that Covid-19 is exacting on the entire world and although I am working from home creating content for our readers, I too need a break from the sheer weight of all the sadness surrounding all of us. 

For those of you who are new subscribers, my yard is my solace.  I have even set up a workspace outside to give me breaks from sitting in my home office throughout the day.  

To give you a smile and a breath from being cooped up, here is my morning surprise.  I truly hope that it helps to brighten your day.

White calla lily flowers are commonly used to represent resurrection and rebirth.  They also carry the meaning of innocence.  Used for both bridal bouquets AND funeral arrangements, they are symbolic of purity

The calla lily has medicinal qualities as well, having been used for dressing wounds in South Africa. Although not to be ingested because of its toxicity, the leaves and rhizome were boiled in milk to prepare the field dressings.

The calla lily is a hardy plant, tolerating colder temperatures AND thrives in wet conditions. 

I have always loved Greek mythology, and the incorporation of flowers into some of these fascinating stories.  Here is an interesting one:

Apparently, Zeus had a son named Hercules with a mortal woman while he was also married to Hera.  Late one night, Zeus tricked Hera into feeding Hercules her milk.  He was hoping the milk would give Hercules divine powers.  Hera woke up, pushing Hercules away from her.  As the story goes, two drops of her milk fell to the Earth forming the calla lily.

Another interesting fact I learned is that calla lilies are not lilies at all.  They are in a different family entirely, belonging to the same family that also includes caladiums and philodendrons. 

Calla lilies make the perfect gift, as they keep on giving year after year.

Remember! As my grandmother used to tell me, “You never say thank you for flower cuttings.  It is bad luck”.  The proper response should be “I appreciate that!”.

It is my hope that things will start returning to some type of normality in the near future.  Even though Easter will not be celebrated as we usually do, we can still make the best of it and, recognize this special day for what it truly means!

Be safe and kind.  HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!