4 Foreplay Essentials

According to Michael Castleman, MA, sexual journalist and the author of GreatSexGuidance.com, in an articled entitled “Surprise: Men Enjoy and Want-Foreplay,” he notes that interestingly, women significantly underestimated how long their husbands wanted to spend on foreplay.

Mr. Castleman reports findings from two separate studies pertaining to just how much time men versus women was to spend on foreplay.

In order to best enjoy foreplay for both you and your partner, these are 4 foreplay essentials:

1. Atmosphere

Setting the perfect atmosphere is critical.  You do not have to be a hopeless romantic to set the tone for a sexy evening.  Just do the things you both enjoy most.

2. Time

Other than setting your atmosphere, time is always critical when planning your perfect evening scenario.  Allow yourself ample time to enjoy each other.  The laundry will not mind!

3. Lubrication

Always include proper lubrication in your foreplay.  We recommend use of a water-based lubricant, which will make sex more comfortable for both partners.

As a side point, be extremely careful when choosing a lubricant.  They are not all the same.  We will go into this in a future post in greater detail.  The reason we recommend a water-based lubricant is because a lot of commercial lubricants contain a significant amount of sugar which promotes yeast infections. 

4. Touch Preferences

Our fourth essential is recognizing the touch preferences of our partner.  Part of allowing enough time to enjoy each other is remembering that response to sexual stimuli varies from person to person.  Make sure that both partners are responding at the same rate. 

Enhanced Sex

In this same article, Mr. Castleman stated in his section More Foreplay, Enhanced Sex:

“No doubt many women still wish that the men in their lives felt more committed to sex based on leisurely, playful, whole-body mutual massage that excites every square inch of the body before focusing on the genitals.”