2020 National Influenza Vaccination Week | December 6 - December 12

NIVW was chosen by the CDC and its partners to remind people that although the holiday season has begun, it is not too late to get a flu vaccine. 

This year, the flu vaccination is more important than ever before. Many of our subscribers have been reluctant to not only get their needed flu shots, they have not followed up on routine and necessary doctor visits. During the shutdown of non-essential visits and surgeries, we have tried to forget that these visits are still necessary to maintain our overall health and wellness.

We have access to flu vaccines at our local pharmacies and other avenues. They maintain stringent protocols to deliver these vaccines. As long as you are masked, distancing and sanitizing, your exposure should be minimized if you choose that method over your general practitioner’s office.

 “It’s Not Too Late to Vaccinate!” 

The flu and coronavirus are two separate viruses. Studies conducted on previous Covid-19 patients indicate that those who were previously vaccinated for the flu had a lower risk of being hospitalized if and when they get Covid-19. 

While the symptoms of both the flu and Covid-19 are similar, Covid-19 is much more deadly than the flu, with many long-term problems that do not occur with the flu.

Flu complications exist, for every age group including babies and small children.  High risk groups should be diligent in getting their flu vaccines. This will also help in fighting this pandemic, saving our healthcare resources for treating Covid patients this winter. It will also help protect other high risk people.

If getting the flu vaccine can diminish the severity of Covid should you contract it,  you should really consider helping to protect yourself.

We have seen a tremendous amount of misinformation circulating about the flu shot and Covid-19. I urge you to read the following article by Medical Xpress, entitled “As US battles COVID-19, flu shot misinfo spreads.

I frequently urge our subscribers to do their own homework and research to be able to make informed decisions. I urge you to do this if you have not had a flu vaccine. 

We know that not everyone is social distancing which is why we are in the midst of a third wave. You can still catch the flu. You can still be exposed to and contract Covid-19. Possibly, both at the same time.

On October 11, 2020, we published an article entitled: Twindemic: A dual Threat/The Flu + Coronavirus. You can read the article here: