2020 May Be The Scariest Halloween In History

👻👻👻 We have yet another holiday to navigate, and making the right choices for you and your family have NEVER been more important. The decisions you make can have consequences you may not be prepared for. 👻👻👻

Believe me, of all the people impacted by Covid-19, I feel for the children most of all. The drastic and long-lasting changes that our children are enduring just makes me sad.

Having to explain all of the restrictions to children and trying to make up for everything lost is heartbreaking. 

Kids are resilient, but knowing the emotional toll that this pandemic is having on adults, I can only imagine the confusion and upset our kids are going through. We are all navigating a new way of life.

There are pros and cons to reopening our communities too soon. Everyone has Covid fatigue, so a little leeway in easing restrictions, can easily turn things against us, as there are indicators with rising case numbers in over half of the US states of a possible third wave. 

The mediation measures work, but we cannot become complacent. Complacency will cause a resurgence that will keep us in this vicious cycle until a vaccine is found AND tested and perfected. 

Does one choose the family member they are willing to sacrifice?   FOR CANDY?

So, what are your plans for Halloween?

Whatever you choose, maximizing safety and practicing mediation measures are of paramount importance. 

Before any decisions are made, check your local administration for any cancellations or additional restrictions that are in place for your geographic location 

If you do your research, you can find a Covid map that is color coded by geographic areas according to the current Covid numbers available. I was unable to obtain permissive use prior to publication, but a simple search should enable you to find it. The website for the Governor of your particular state should also have additional information.

I urge you to take the time to research and do your homework. If the risks outweigh the benefits, PLEASE err on the side of caution. 

Here are some creative alternatives that you can plan and implement for a freaky family Halloween:

  • Plan a scavenger hunt with several different prizes. You can plan two separate scavenger hunts if you have youngsters as well as older children.
  • Plan and create haunted house rooms within your home, with candy and prizes hidden throughout.
  • Have a contest for the most creative menu, with your kids participating in the planning, preparation and display.  Have a special prize for the winner of the family contest.
  • Plan a Zoom costume contest for your kids and their friends.  A separate Zoom for the older kids and their friends will be entertaining as well.  If providing prizes, be sure to have already purchased gift cards.
  • A Zoom pumpkin carving contest is fun for friends, neighbors and family
  • When planning your day/evening, be sure to plan both daylight and nighttime activities.
  • If the older kids are able to be totally outside, you can equip them with flashlights for the scavenger hunt, while still maintaining 6 feet apart distancing rules.
  • No big crowds. A large costume party will have to be online. There simply is no way to socially distance and maintain safety.
  • A special Halloween project with Halloween cards, videos and pics of your evening to living grandparents and close friends will be a memory they will treasure forever.
  • Ghost stories or scary movie night are always hits as well!
  • For the older kids, you could have an Ouija board and tarot cards available.

A good deed goes a long way. A delivery of a wrapped packed or a Covid supply bag for elderly neighbors that are confined would be a teaching moment for your family members.

The CDC has published two separate articles for celebrating during holidays.  They are entitled:

Trick or Treating and Other Halloween Activities

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Holiday Celebrations. 

Remember that any candy that is collected should be placed into quarantine for a few days before allowing your children to eat that candy.  Be sure to have candy at home to satisfy the kiddos until they can eat their booty. If you choose to participate in outside activities other than your home, watch the kiddos closely to ensure that they are not eating collected candy before you can control safe distribution.

All candy wrappers should be wiped off when you arrive home.  Be sure to not wipe any unpackaged food with wipes.

Another consideration is whether or not your child is at higher risk from Covid-19.  If so, contacting your physician prior to participation in any Halloween activities needs to be a priority.

A few things to avoid.

  • I have seen several organizations planning Trunk or Treating. This is simply not a feasible way to celebrate.  You cannot have multiple hands digging through candy in a trunk. It is dangerous.
  • Be reluctant to accept any homemade candy or individual bags touched by anyone else.
  • If you are going to participate in any group activity, remember safety first. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware.
  • Do not travel to areas not within your own community. Stay local.
  • Hayrides and tractor rides with people not within your own household are discouraged.
  • Avoid indoor haunted houses with people screaming and crowded together.

To read our previous Halloween safety article and our article on situational awareness, please click the links below:

If you are still waffling back and forth over the right thing to do with your kiddos, take a look at the following video:

Throughout the course of this pandemic, I have been forced to write numerous Covid articles while trying to limit my exposure to the barrage of news coverage (both right and wrong), political involvement, religious openings, phases and various reopening, etc. 

At this point, we ALL need a breather. Create something special. Create and make memories for your kids that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

As a reminder: Not only does any candy collected need to be wiped down, it is important that every piece of candy is inspected for tampering.  Preferably, the only candy the kids have to worry about, is candy collected from your party at home.  Please avoid bad situations.

Put some pep in your step, and do something your kids are not expecting. They will remember it and 2020 FOREVER.

At the end of the day, you have to make a serious decision that is best for your family.

Very difficult to do, with antsy kids putting the pressure on!

You may have to be the “bad guy”, but know that down the road, you will be vindicated for protecting and saving lives.  Namely, yours and that of your family.

Be safe. Mask up. Be proactive. 

Have a Spooktacular Halloween! 👻 🎃