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Le Snuggle is designed to fill the vaginal cavity space caused from laxity and/or childbearing. Heightened sensitivity enhances the overall sexual experience.

This marital aid is a simple and comfortable device that positions the penis against the upper structures of the vagina to accomplish a much "tighter" experience for both the male and female partner, eliminating the sensation of "looseness."



This is a revolutionary solution that only requires:

  • An Intimate Setting

    Or, your favorite spot!

  • Foreplay

    Have fun with it!

  • A Favorite Personal Lubricant

    For the best results we suggest using a water-based lubricant!

Frequently Asked Questions about Le Snuggle

What is Le Snuggle actually designed to do?

Le Snuggle has been tooled, tested and remoulded several times over the years to maximize comfort and sensitivity.

Le Snuggle is designed to take up additional cavity space in the vagina resulting from a variety of reasons. Multiple childbirths is one of the main reasons Le Snuggle is being so well received. Le Snuggle provides an alternative to having costly surgery, and is enhancing marriages all over the world.

Do you have to prepare any way to use this marital aid?

The answer is yes. A proper setting and heavy foreplay accompanied with the use of Le Snuggle water-based lubricant makes for the most satisfying sexual experience.

I have had multiple children, and my husband is smaller than he would like. Intercourse is frustrating for both of us. Can Le Snuggle change that situation for us?

Absolutely! By filling the vaginal cavity with Le Snuggle, and with your husband positioned on top, sensitivty and a feeling of increased tightness will transform your relationship!

Is there a special kind of lubricant I should be using with Le Snuggle?

We recommend a water-based lubricant. Some manufacturers claim to be water based but still contain up to 10% silicone. Silicone lubricants interact with silicone devices, damaging the surface of the product.

Definitely try to stay away from lubricants with a significant sugar content. This promotes yeast infections. Oil based lubricants tend to be a bit thick and could stain clothes and bedding.

Do I need to worry about this marital aid slipping in too far?

No. This device has been remoulded and tested to get it just right. The curved lip design prevents slippage. If still concerned, utilize the vibe with the unit and it will further prevent slippage.

Is this device pleasurable for the female to use?

Yes. With the right attitude, foreplay and Le Snuggle, your sexual intimacy will rise to a new and improved level of satisfaction. Pressure is increased on the top structure of the vagina, eliminating any sensation of "looseness."

My husband wants to know how big this device is, and if it will stretch me out further?

Le Snuggle is small, and compact (approximately 4x2x6) Because it is 100% high grade silicone, it is pliable and will not alter your physiology in any way.


The vibe accessory makes for additional fun!